Vietnam Work permit visa is the must-have official procedure for any foreigners planning to work in Vietnam. The work visa for foreigners in Vietnam consists of 6 types, in which each work visa has different signs and terms, specifically as follow:
• DT work visa is issued to foreign investors in Vietnam and foreign lawyers practicing in Vietnam; DN work visa is issued to foreigners to work with enterprises in Vietnam
• NN1 work visa is issued to foreigners, heads of representative offices and projects of international organizations and foreign non-governmental organizations in Vietnam
• NN2 is granted to foreigners who are heads of representative offices, branches of foreign traders, representative offices of economic organizations, cultural organizations and other professional organizations of foreign countries in Vietnam
• NN3 is issued to foreigners working with foreign non-governmental organizations, representative offices, branches of foreign traders, representative offices of economic organizations, cultural organizations and other professional organizations in Vietnam
• Labor work visa is granted to foreigners to work in Vietnam.
Also, work visa in Vietnam granted to foreigners working legally in Vietnam is guaranteed by organizations, agencies, enterprises … operating in Vietnam and granted at the Embassy of Foreign Countries in Vietnam.



– The company or organization submits the application for a long-term visa for foreigners at the Immigration Department or Immigration Office of the police department of the province or city where the enterprise or organization is headquartered.
– Time limit for dossier processing: According to the current law, the application for work visa to foreigners in Vietnam will be resolved within 5 working days from the date of submission of valid documents. The time of receiving the visa result will be clearly stated in the receipt when the enterprise or organization submits the dossier at the Immigration Office.


2.1. The Legal documents prepared for foreigners applying for work visas:
– Business license, branch license, representative office …. at the Immigration Department
– A seal used certificate of the enterprise or organization
– Letter of introduction of the seal, signature of the competent person of the organization (NA16). (This file is the declaration in case the company first lodges the application with the Immigration Office).
– Application for visa, extension of stay (NA5).
– The original passport is still valid as prescribed.
– A work permit or a work permit waiver for those who are exempt from a work permit
– Temporary residence book or temporary residence certificate of the foreigner (In some cases the Immigration Office will ask them)

2.2. The Dossiers submitted to the Embassy of foreign countries in Vietnam include:
– 01 visa application form attached with photo. Apply online at
If you do not fill out the form, please fill in the form.
Declaration for foreigners bringing a re-entry book in which the nationality category states: Vietnam (attached form)
– Passport or papers valid for passport
– A written notice of the approval of the Exit and Entry Management Department or the Consular Department of the Foreign Affairs Service of Ho Chi Minh City.
– For guests entering under the visa category NG3, NG4 may submit diplomatic note of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the host country / diplomatic mission of the foreign diplomatic missions or consulates in the country.
+ Foreigners need to (i) contact agencies, organizations and individuals invited or guaranteed in Vietnam to complete the procedures for applying for visa approval from the Immigration Department (Ministry of Public Security) or the Department Consulate, Ho Chi Minh City External Relations Office (or Ministry of Foreign Affairs) or (ii) contact the Representative Office for guidance.
The validity period of the passport must be at least one month longer than the validity of the visa. However, many airlines require passports to be valid for at least 6 months before boarding.
+ Foreigners who enter Vietnam on a unilateral visa-free basis are entitled to stay up to 15 days (may be extended once for not more than 15 days for tourist purposes, provided that they have a travel company.
i) Passport must be valid for at least 6 months from the date of exit.
ii) By the time of exit Vietnam Previous visa is exempted from visas for at least 30 days.
iii) Round trip ticket or ticket to third country
iv) Not included in the list of prohibited entry in Vietnam. If you are a non-visa-free country you do not meet one of the conditions (i, ii, iii), you must apply for a visa when you enter Vietnam.
+ Foreigners are granted visas at international border gates in the following cases (only for those who have electricity approved by the Ministry of Public Security):
i) Departure from a country without a competent authority
ii) Before traveling to Vietnam must go through many countries.
iii) Entering Vietnam under the program organized by an international travel agency in Vietnam.
iv) Foreign crews are staying in Vietnam. On board a ship docking at a Vietnamese seaport with the requirement to exit through another border gate
v) To attend family funeral or to visit a seriously ill relative.
vi) To enter Vietnam to participate in the handling of emergency and rescue, disaster prevention, epidemic or other special request at the request of a competent Vietnamese agency (Article 18 of the Law x Entry into 2014).

2.3. Guiding the procedures for applying for visa acceptance at the Exit and Entry Management Department:
– A copy of the business registration certificate of the company in Vietnam
– Registration of specimen signature and seal form (as attached form)
– Form N2 (company in Vietnam sent to the management board for this client to work with the company)
– If you apply for a work visa need to add a certified copy of your work permit.