Hanoi is a capital of Vietnam with thousand years of civilization as well as ancient relics and the peaceful life. If you have a trip to Hanoi, obviously, you cannot forget the typical atmosphere, the lovely coffee shops, small streets and friendly vendors. In addition, Hanoi is a tourist center in Vietnam, coming to Hanoi, visitors may have opportunities to explore various cultural constructions during the process of building and defending country. Appealing natural scenery and charming craft villages existed for hundreds of years; traditional festivals… will be attractive tourism products. This following article will introduce you a list of places you should visit for weekend holidays near Hanoi, depending on the time you can spend for your trip.
1) Weekend Holidays Near Hanoi – Day trip
No need to go too far, if you love this beautiful city, then you should take the time to visit the destinations below.
Hanoi Old Quarter

Weekend holidays near Hanoi


The Hanoi Old Quarter is considered as the soul of the capital. Opposite with sumptuous luxuries, brilliant and modern architecture is the tranquil and serene Old Quarter.
Hanoi Old Quarter is located in the west and north of Hoan Kiem lake with 36 streets, each street has focused on selling a different item. Previously, the villages surrounding Thang Long beared the distinctive mark of urban residents and exchanges in common life, each street is a different village. In the past, almost all the streets specialized in selling a kind of branded goods, but now, there are some streets selling new products that do not follow the old principles. Presently, each street preserves the characteristics of the land of memories, history, people and country. Through the ups and downs, the streets are still alive to this day.
Hanoi Old Quarter extends over a large area with many beautiful tourist sites, tourists coming to visit the Old Quarter should visit the famous tourist sites such as: Hoan Kiem Lake (Lake of the Restored Sword), Bach Ma temple, Dong Xuan Market,…
There are lots of options for travelers to go to the Hanoi Old Quarter and one of the most convenient and safe methods is by bus. This is a popular transportation vehicle in many districts of Hanoi, furthermore, the price is cheap and suitable for many travelers. If you do not want to travel by bus because it takes such a long time, then you can rent a motorbike to get to the Old Quarter, it is both convenient and free to go to the places you like. Beside the bus and motorbike, there is also a transportation type for tourists to take part in the Hanoi tour to the famous tourist destinations in this capital, which is cyclo. Pictures of cyclo drivers carrying tourists have become very familiar. Walking around the Old Quarter by cyclo, visitors can admire and take photos of the streets while moving.

Temple of Literature

Weekend holidays near Hanoi

The Temple of Literature is located in the center of Hanoi, at 58 – Quoc Tu Giam. Tourists traveling to Hanoi want to visit the Temple of Literature can take a taxi or bus, with the travel time is about 10 minutes. From the outside looking in, the four sides of the entire area is surrounded by a wall frame built with large bricks, creating an ancient space. Inside the wall, the antique structural roofs hidden beneath the sumptuous tree leaves make this place become a completely different destination with the outside, which is creating a special attraction for visitors.
Today, Temple of Literature is a place attracting a lot of tourists coming to Hanoi. This place is not only the witness of the thousand years of Hanoi capital, but also the the first university in Vietnam and the place worshiping teacher Chu Van An- the phoenix of Vietnamese education.This is a construction built to promote the spirit of learning as well as to find talents for the country. After being built, learning activities in the Temple of Literature began in 1076. At the same time, the way of organizing exams and teaching was also renovated and improved.
It is a unique monument complex with a harmonious combination of natural landscapes, lakes, gardens with architectural works. Additionally, this relic complex is quite diverse, including many small works, each of the works has different impressive characteristics. The Temple of Literature is divided into 5 areas, everywhere in this relic complex, you will feel safe and sound, as if you could come back to the past. Taking the first step into the Temple of Literature, you may leave behind the noisy and crowded city… The old values from the traditional architecture to the details engraved delicately, also make people feel the ancient soul of the country.

Ba Dinh Square – Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum

Weekend holidays near Hanoi


Ba Dinh Square was built by the French in the early 20th century, it is a history witness of great changes of the nation. This place was chosen by Uncle Ho as the venue for the Declaration of Independence on September 2, 1945. Over the years, the historical Ba Dinh Square is also the location that is regularly chosen to organize rallies and big celebrations of the country. Through historical events, Ba Dinh Square has become an affined and sacred name, becoming the pride of Hanoi capital in particular and Vietnamese people in general. It is also a place where Vietnamese and international visitors look forward to a visit.
Ba Dinh Square is now the largest square in Vietnam, the image of the mats on the yard in the old Vietnamese village. Located in the center of the square is a 30m high flag tower. This is a place to hold many great events of the country.
Next to the Ba Dinh Square are the architectural works such as: Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, Ho Chi Minh Museum, Ba Dinh Hall, the Monument for Heroic Martyrs,… All of them are unique works of historical and human significance of the nation.

Quan Thanh Temple

Weekend holidays near Hanoi

The Quan Thanh temple was built in 1010, constructed in the style of Chinese architecture. Quan Thanh Temple is a place of ancient and present cultural beliefs of Hanoians. Additionally, this is a valuable relic of culture, art, architecture and sculpture, located on the banks of West Lake, along with Tran Vu, which are in harmony with nature, contributing to the ancient beauty of Hanoi.
Quan Thanh Temple stands in a beautiful location next to two lakes on Co Ngu road, which are Truc Bach Lake and West Lake. Throughout the dynasties, Quan Thanh Temple has been restored many times, but basically did not change much. With unique wood carvings, the architecture in the temple has a great artistic and aesthetic value. In the temple, there is a large bronze statue of Tran Vu, weighing 4 tons. This large black bronze statue is the work of craftsmen in Ngu Xa village. This is a unique artwork affirming the ingenuity in the art of sculpting and bronze casting of Vietnamese artisans.

Hanoi Opera House

Weekend holidays near Hanoi

Hanoi Opera House was built in the first decade of the 20th century, bearing many historical landmarks in the center of Hanoi capital and this is the venue for various art shows by famous musicians and artists. Hanoi Opera House is maintaining the historical value and important architecture in the cultural life of people. Later, this Opera House gradually has become a cultural place playing an important role in the process of modernizing the culture in Vietnam.
Hanoi Opera House contains the main lobby, an auditorium and a mirror room, bringing an exclusive feature of the modern Western theater architecture between the traditional architecture of Vietnam. It will really be fascinating experience for tourists, especially foreign tourists when coming to Hanoi and enjoying amazing performances on your trip to Hanoi.

Perfume Pagoda

Weekend holidays near Hanoi

Located in Huong Son Commune, My Duc District, Hanoi, The Perfume Pagoda is an attractive spiritual destination, especially during the Vietnamese New Year and the Spring Festival, going on a pilgrimage is always a favorite activity and charming attractiveness in the spiritual life of Vietnamese people. The journey to the Perfume Pagoda is not only a journey to the land of Buddha, but also a chance to enjoy the majestic beauty of nature.
This pagoda was built around the seventeenth century, but through the fierce war in the resistance against the French, the Perfume Pagoda was severely destroyed in 1947. Until 1988, the Perfume Pagoda was restored and renovated.
Perfume Pagoda is a landscape population in the Yen stream valley. Among them, the Trinh Temple, Thien Tru Pagoda and Huong Tich Cave are considered as the three most splendid and sacred destinations that you should visit. Tourists will take a boat trip boat through a small but long river, from the foot of Mount Huong Son to the top of the mountain, you should trek or take a cable car, two sides of the river are the golden rice fields, making Huong Son picture become more brilliant.
Perfume Pagoda has not only attracted visitors by its natural beauty, but also retained the cultural vestiges of many historical periods. These are invaluable products that crystallize intellectual talents, emotional feelings of working people, reflecting the thought of the times. One of the earliest items is the delicate copper bell.
In addition, the Perfume Pagoda Festival has been taken place in the spring of the year so the number of Buddhists coming to this place is growing up at this time. Coming to visit the Perfume pagoda, visitors will have the opportunity to participate in the bustle of exciting and engaging cultural activities with local people. Perfume Pagoda festival is often held from the 6th of January to the end of the third lunar month and this is also the largest festival of the year in Vietnam.
The distance from Hanoi to the Perfume pagoda is roughly 70 km, you can select from various transportation types, such as: motorbike, bus or drive by yourself … If you want to drive by motorbike and car, you may choose one of the two routes, they are: the first route along the Nguyen Trai street to Ha Dong, Ba La to come to Te Tieu and the second route is along the National Route 1A (Phap Van, Cau Gie). Additionally, many tourists want to travel by bus, you can catch the bus at 3 bus stations, which are: Yen Nghia – Ha Dong, My Dinh, Giap Bat.

Bat Trang Ceramic Village

Weekend holidays near Hanoi

Only 15 km from the center of Hanoi, this is the ideal place for weekend trips around Hanoi. Bat Trang Ceramic village is specialized in producing pottery products of various kinds and styles. This is one of the most famous ceramic village in Vietnam, as well as the place where domestic and foreign visitors can go to visit during the weekends. The most wonderful thing that tourists really enjoy when coming to Bat Trang is that you can directly admire the artisans making the delicate pottery products or create unique products by yourself. This village was formed in the Ly dynasty. Over the past 500 years of history with the ups and downs, the name Bat Trang still exists and it has growed up until now. According to the traveling experience of many visitors, the Bat Trang village is not only a great tourist attraction, but the products from this village are also souvenirs of great significance for your relatives and friends. When you want to buy a pottery as a gift, then the ceramic market is the ideal place for visitors to visit.
Approximately 18 km south-east of Hanoi capital, Bat Trang village is rustic and peaceful. Going to Bat Trang, from Hanoi, you can go by car, bus, motorbike or take a tour to Bat Trang by extremely attractive waterways. If you choose to move by bus, you have to catch the bus number 47, along the way, you can comfortably admire the beautiful landscapes. Or you can travel by car and by motorbike. Furthermore, getting to Bat Trang village by going through the Red River is really an exciting option.

Duong Lam Village

Weekend holidays near Hanoi

If you are wondering where to go on weekend days near Hanoi, then Duong Lam – a lovely ancient village is one of the great options for you. With its architectural and artistic values of a typical Vietnamese village, this place has become an attractive tourist spot for your trip near Hanoi. Located more than 50 km from Hanoi, Duong Lam Village is located in Son Tay town, Hanoi has a total of more than 950 old houses, built from a very long time ago. Today, the ancient village has still retained the basic features of a Vietnamese village with the village gate, banyan tree, waterfront, wells, fields, hills, and temples …
It will be quite easy to come to Duong Lam, you can travel by bus, or by privated transportation means, such as motorbike or car. Another option for you is to going by a local bus, it will take you about one hour and 15 minutes.
When coming to Duong Lam, tourists can visit Mong Phu village gate, Mong Phu communal house, Duong Lam ancient well, temples and other ancient houses,…

West Lake

Weekend holidays near Hanoi

Hanoi is famous for its lakes, among them, West Lake is the largest lake. If you look at the view from this side to another side, Hanoi is like a coastal city. This lake is also an ideal place for couples to date, not only by the large scenery, but also by the poetic scene here. The scenery along the West Lake is very attractive and appealing with the long rows of leafy trees and the color of water varying by seasons.
Around the lake are the famous flower villages such as Ngoc Ha, Huu Tiep, Nghi Tam, Yen Hoa, Trich Sai, Nhat Tan, Quang Ba… In addition, there is a broad range of traditional villages and many historical and cultural monuments. If you do a walk around the lake, at the same time, you may also visit many relics and attractions. The beauty of the West Lake is the most romantic corner in the picture of Hanoi, a place for meeting, marking the anniversary of many people in Hanoi.

Flag Tower of Hanoi

Weekend holidays near Hanoi

The flag tower of Hanoi is located on the premises of the Vietnam Military History Museum on Dien Bien Phu Street, Ba Dinh District, Hanoi. This is one of the rare works of Hanoi that can escape from the destruction of the French colonial empire in three years from 1894 to 1897. Because of the special historical values, culture and architecture; in 1989, the flag tower of Hanoi was recognized as “National historical and cultural monument”. The flag is an important symbol for the unification of the country and the presence of Vietnam in the world economy.
Observing from all angles, the flag tower is a complete block architectural art of harmony, majesty, a symbol of national sovereignty, expressing the will to rise with the indomitable spirit of the invading forces.
Especially, in the hottest days of Hanoi, the interior temperature of the flag tower is always cool like in a room with air conditioners. The structure of the gates is also scientific so that heavy rain cannot flow into the tower.

2) Weekend Holidays Near Hanoi – Overnight trip
If you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of Hanoi for a relaxing weekend, these following tourist attractions near Hanoi are the ideal destinations for you.

Ninh Binh

Vietnam Itinerary 1 Week

Only less than 100 km from Hanoi, Ninh Binh tourism with many beautiful scenery and historical sites has become a destination for many visitors. Visitors can go to Ninh Binh via various means such as trains, buses, private cars or motorbikes. In the case of choosing a coach, the route Hanoi – Ninh Binh has dozens of trips per day, starting from 05:00 am to 11:00 pm, it will take you about 2 hours.
You can go sightseeing at any time of the year, but perhaps the best time for your tour is from January to March. At this time, the climate is not too draconic, the scene is very fresh and full of vitality, suitable for the spring trips and pilgrimages.
In Ninh Binh, there is a broad range of attractions that you should not miss when coming to this place. Trang An is an ecotourism site located in the World Heritage Complex of Trang An in Ninh Binh Province. Trang An with limestone karst system; hundreds of valleys and many wetland ecosystems contains outstanding values of natural landscape, cultural history and geological tectonics. The harmony of stone, river, forest and sky in Trang An has created a lively natural world.
If you want to visit temples and pagodas, then Bai Dinh Pagoda is your suitable option. The architecture of Bai Dinh pagoda is prominent with large cubes, bearing imprints of Vietnamese architecture. The whole area of Bai Dinh Pagoda is designed in harmony with high valleys, lake, green spaces with open gardens. Decorative details in Bai Dinh Pagoda also contain symbols of famous traditional villages in Vietnam.
Located deep in the mountains and far from the residential area, Thung Nham is also known as Thung Chim where many bird species nest inhabited. In addition to observe many species of birds, this is also where you can explore the caves on the water and on the mountains.
In addition, tourists may have chance to visit Cuc Phuong National Park – a tropical rainforest all year round with rich fauna and flora. Furthermore, there are many other interesting stops awaiting you to explore, such as: Tam Coc – Bich Dong, Hoa Lu – Vietnam’s ancient capital, Am Tien Cave, …

Mai Chau

Weekend holidays near Hanoi

The distance from Hanoi to Mai Chau is roughly 140km, you can come to visit Mai Chau by car or by motorbike. If you ride a motorbike, you can take the Hanoi – Xuan Mai – Luong Son – Hoa Binh – Muong Khen – Mai Chau streets along Highway 6. Or if you want to take a passenger car, you can pick up from My Dinh or Giap Bat bus station, then take a motorcycle taxi to go into the town. Mai Chau town is quite small so you can rent bicycles to walk around the villages, it is not necessary to use motorcycles, in most houses on Lac village, bicycle rental service is available for tourists.
Climate in Mai Chau is quite mild and pleasant, summer is not too hot and winter is not too cold. Therefore, you can travel Mai Chau at any time of the year. However, Mai Chau is more beautiful and worth exploring when you travel between October and December, March and April.
The nature in Mai Chau is favorable, the environment here is really beautiful, with majestic mountains, protected forest cover is always kept green. In addition, Mai Chau has long been famous for its monuments, scenic spots attracting a large number of tourists.
When coming to Mai Chau, you should not miss special tourist attractions such as: Thung Khe Pass, Mai Chau flag tower – where you record your footprint in this land, a peaceful Lang village, cultural and tourism village – Poom Coong, feel the rustic life of people in Van village and Buoc village,… Additionally, tourists may have chance to visit Mo Luong cave, Chieu cave, Go Lao waterfall, Ba Khan,…
If you want to discover and explore the majestic nature, release your emotion, get away from the hustle and bustle of the noisy city, or simple find out a very different atmosphere, then Mai Chau will be your ideal destination for your weekend trips near Hanoi.


Vietnam Itinerary 1 Week

Sapa is a town in Lao Cai province, located in the north west of the country. Sapa town is 38 km from Lao Cai city and 376 km from Hanoi. To travel to Sapa, you can choose to get by train or car. Sapa is cool all year round with unique indigenous markings – of which the culture of the two major ethnic groups in Sapa are Mong and Dao – combined with European and classic architectural space. All these factors have created a special attraction for visitors who want to explore this land.
Traveling to Sapa, tourists will have the opportunity to conquer the famous Fansipan peak or take a backpacking tourism trip to the dusty villages. Mountain scenery with hundreds of flowers blooming will definitely make visitors satisfy when arriving to this beautiful and lovely town. Sapa contains many wonders of nature and people. The town in the clouds attracts visitors with magnificent mountain views and many unique experiences exploring the lives of ethnic minorities. From the city center, you can enjoy the view of the mountain peaks.
The natural landscape of Sapa is combined with the creativity of the people along with the terrain including mountains, the green of the forest. All is arranged in a harmonic layout to create a region with many scenes. In order not to miss the opportunity to explore this charming town, our article will help you to list attractive destinations and activities in Sapa: Ham Rong Mountain, Stone Church of Sapa, Cat Cat Village, Ta Phin Village, Sin Chai, Muong Hoa valley, ….
Sapa tourism will bring tourists extremely new and enjoyable experience. The schedule to Sapa is waiting for you with exciting activities, including many things, such as: walking to enjoy the calm life; watching the town from above; climbing Fansipan – highest peak of Indochina; admiring sunrise and sunset at Sa Pa; … Besides admiring the scenery of lyrical nature of Sa Pa, you should not forget to try the unique local food of this town. Furthermore, coming to Sa Pa, travelers can take part in featured festivals of ethnic minorities, some main festivals in Sa Pa are Gau Tao festival of H’mong people, Tet Nhay Festival in Ta Van village, Nhan Song Festival, Long Tong Festival of the Tay, Nao Cong Festival,…

Ha Long Bay

Vietnam Itinerary 1 Week

Halong Bay is recognized as the natural heritage of the world by UNESCO with thousands of islands made by the great and lively nature. Halong Bay has beautiful scenery, so this place is a very common tourist sites with domestic and international tourists. This is one of the greatest suggestions for tourists for your weekend trips near Hanoi.
Situated nearly 170 km from Ha Noi, the travel time to Ha Long about 3-4 hours by car. You can go to Ha Long by car or by motorbike. If you want to travel in the city, you can get in a taxi and when visiting the bay, you can contact the cruise ship at the cruise ship terminals.
Ha Long Bay is a part of the Gulf of Tonkin – where the weather has four distinct seasons, at any time, Ha Long is also an appealing attraction. As for Vietnamese tourists, the most ideal time to visit is in summer (from April to October) every year; however, winter is favorite period for foreign tourists.
There is a wide variety of attractions that will make your trip become enjoyable and memorable, such as: Yen Tu Mountain, Dau Be Island, Cong Tay Island, Cong Do Island, Ba Mun Island, Bo Hon Island, Ti Top Cave, Surprise Cave (Sung Sot Cave), Dau Go Cave, Quan Lan Island, Cat Ba Archipelago, Bai Dai Beach, Co To Island, Tuan Chau Island, Tra Co Beach,…

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