How is the weather in Thailand? Thailand has known for the land of smiles, the shopping paradise or the paradise of travel. Thailand is always shining with magnificent temples, fine white sand beaches and fresh Thai smiles. Thailand is one of the countries that attract most tourists in Southeast Asia. Although Thailand has a developed tourism industry, it retains its own cultural identity. The article below will provide you with useful information of weather in Thailand, so that you can conveniently arrange and build schedules.

overview about thailand

Thailand is a country located in the center of Southeast Asia stretching from the latitude 5 degrees to 21 degrees. Thailand is located in the humid tropical climate of the season, from May to September the weather in Thailand affected by the hot southwest monsoon, from October to April next year affected by the dry and cold northeast monsoon. Thailand has four main terrain areas: the North is mountainous terrain, the Northeast is the terrain plateau, the center is the headland with fertile soil, the east is the Mekong River area, home of many cassava trees. Characteristics of geographic location and natural conditions affect the climate and weather in Thailand. Mountainous terrains are usually cooler than the plains and have an ecological environment with unique fauna and flora. In general, the terrain of this country is gradually lowering from north to south, from west to east. Thailand has continuous mountain ranges from the west and northwest, with an average elevation roughly 1,600 m compared to sea level. The different terrain features divided Thailand into four distinct climates.
Thailand has four distinct seasons, with the average annual temperature is about 28 – 35 degrees Celsius: hot season from March to May, rainy season from July to October and cool season from November to February.

Weather in Thailand in the cool season:

In the cool season, it is less rain and cool weather. There is no difference in temperature between the south and the north.

Weather in Thailand in the hot season:

Located near the equatorial, the southern strait is always hot and humid all year round. In the northeast and central parts of Thailand, the temperature may be higher than 40 ° C. In the northern provinces, the average temperature in the hot season is higher, and remained at a moderate level.

Weather in Thailand in the rainy season:

October is the month with the highest rainfall in the year. In the rainy season, the temperature is pleasant with lush greenery, however, fewer tourists. Except for the South-east coast of Thailand (including Ko Samui), the weather in Thailand this region has rainy season lasting from May to October, and dry season lasting from November to February.
The ideal time to visit Thailand is from November to February because during these months, there is almost no rain and the weather is not too hot. This is also the time or place for many festive events. The peak season in Thailand usually takes place from November to the end of March, July and August.
The weather of Northern Thailand has three distinct seasons: cool season begins from October and ends in February, the temperature fluctuates between 20 and 25 degrees; the hot season lasts from March to April, the temperature is about 35-40 degrees; the rainy season: from May to September, rainfall ranges from 25-30 cm.
The average temperature in the cool season in Bangkok is 26 degrees Celsius, in Chiang Mai is 22 degrees Celsius, and in Songkhla is 27 degrees Celsius. As for hot season, the average temperature in Bangkok is 29 degrees Celsius, while in Chiang Mai is 23 degrees Celsius and in Songkhla is 28 degrees Celsius. In Bangkok – the city with the highest average temperature in the world – hot and rainy season is quite clear, while the air is quite cold. The average temperature in Bangkok in the year is usually above 30 ° C, the nighttime temperature can drop to around 20 ° C, and usually bring moisture. In the rainy season, the average temperature in Bangkok and Songkhla is roughly 28 degrees Celsius, compared to 27 degrees Celsius in Chiang Mai.
Also for the annual average rainfall, this number of Bangkok is 1,500 mm while in Pattaya is slightly slower, at 1,115 mm (at the Bangkok and surrounding areas) and more than 1,900 mm in Peninsular Thailand, higher than 2,000 mm at the west coast.
Particularly for northern Thailand, it can be hot during the day but very cool in the evening. However, it is especially hot in March and April, the temperature is often up to 40 degrees C. In November and December, the evening is cooler, especially when visiting the places in the north starting point as Pai.
Central climate is quite predictable and temperature is stable. The temperature here usually falls to over 30 degrees Celsius and most of the time rain can be predicted. Of course, this is the rainy season most people do not worry too much because the rain is only large in the late afternoon and usually stopped in just one hour. Therefore, if you want to visit cities like Ayutthaya then you should come early.
The climate between Southwest and Southeastern Thailand is markedly different. In the southwest, the weather in Thailand is somewhat harsher than in the east. Dry season here is very dry and hot, while the rainy season lasts continuously for months. It is the most beautiful in the winter months, from November to April, which is also the reason why the sea in Phuket is always bustling.
In the southeastern part of the country, namely Koh Samui, the rainy season usually starts late, usually at the end of the year. In November and December, it rains a lot, other months are the right choice for your trip.
As such, the weather in each part of Thailand at each time of the year is not the same. However, the weather in the North and the South is mild and pleasant between November and March, this is probably the best time for your trip to Thailand. The weather in Thailand in general is good, less rain, not too hot.

Overview of Thailand

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