Have you ever ate a Vietnamese sandwich? You may have heard of this Vietnamese street food before visiting Vietnam. It used to be on top of the list of 20 most delicious street dishes in the world, published by Fodor’s Travel website of America. According to its evaluation, sandwich or bread are the common names for all types of bread in Vietnam.

vietnamese sandwich

Ho Chi Minh City is the place where the sandwich is the best. About the origin of the food, Vietnamese sandwich came from Baguette bread, brought to Vietnam by the French. During its immigration, the people in Saigon had tried mixing it with different ingredients. That is why the dish is also considered a combination of Eastern and Western cuisine.
The familiar elements that you will find inside a sandwich are butter, pâté, cheese, sausage, eggs, chili sauce, pork pies, vegetable pickles, and fennels. The dish is very plain to make and has become so common to the citizens not only in Saigon but also the whole country.
Vietnamese sandwich is a type of street food for everyone and often has low prices. You can see restaurants selling it on Saigon streets and small alleys, especially in the morning. It is also a well-known fast food as well and usually bought for breakfast in Vietnam.

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