Vietnamese Pancake may not a strange dish to the Vietnamese. Despite being made from rice flour, in different areas, the dish varies from shape to cuisine. For example, in the North and Central Vietnam, Vietnamese Pancake is small-sized but it gets much larger in South Vietnam.

vietnamese pancake

To make a delicious pancake, it takes the cook quite a much effort. He has to be very detailed while choosing the elements and cooking. The first thing that he needs to pay attention is rice, which has to be dipped into the water about 12 hours and then ground into flour. After that, turmeric is pressed to get juice and mixed with the flour to create a yellow color.
Especially, coconut milk and eggs are two inevitable ingredients to mingle with the flour. Some cooks even add green bean powder to make the flour nutty and greasy. Today, the flour to make Vietnamese pancake is sold everywhere on the street; however, only the type dipped into water before cooking can make the best cakes.
Another exclusive feature of the cake is its pastry, which includes lean and fat meat mixed, small ground shrimps, or chopped duck meat. Depending on the season, the cook will add different vegetables, such as mushrooms, cassava, bean sprouts, and bamboo sprout.
Vietnamese Pancake is best when it is served with sweet-and-sour sauce.

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