There are many reasons to visit Myanmar. With thousands of ancient temples spread all over the country, Myanmar brings to visitors the feeling of a peaceful atmosphere. Coming to Myanmar, you will have the opportunity to visit the ancient Yangon capital; Inle Lake with beautiful scenery; the city of Mandalay with attractions such as Shwenandaw wooden monastery, Kuthodaw Paya pagoda with the world’s largest book, the Royal Palace … All make a beautiful and attractive Myanmar. The article below will give the reasons to visit Myanmar and why it has become an ideal destination for many visitors.

1) Visit the most sacred temples

reasons to visit myanmar

The people of Myanmar are very religious. In any city or town, you will see at least one Buddhist temple and monastery. Myanmar is a mystical country that attracts tourists with pristine, ancient temples containing spiritual beliefs. The Buddhist architecture here is the masterpiece that nowhere in the world can match, with the famous temples associated with its history and civilization. Mandalay and Bagan are the two cities with the most pagodas and temples in Myanmar. Beside the famous and monumental temples such as Swedagon in Yangon, Swezigon in Bagan, there are countless other great temples that visitors can not remember the name. If you are a Buddhist or simply want to learn about the culture and architecture of this country, then you definitely have to visit the temples here. Furthermore, you can meditate, enjoy peace of mind, walk or bike ride on your schedule.

2) Explore primeval beaches and islands

reasons to visit myanmar

Myanmar not only attracts tourists by ancient temple temples and unique architecture, but also a great address for those who love the blue beaches and sunset. As an emerging tourist destination, Myanmar owns many secluded beaches, keeping pristine beauty. The Ngapali beach has a coastline of up to 7 km with fine white sand and palm trees with blue, crystal clear water. Ngwe Saung in the south of Ngapali is the favorite destination for swimming, diving, surfing and visiting the islands. Visitors can also rent boats to the island or dive into the sea at Chuang Tha. If visitors want to enjoy the quiet moment with nature, then Kanthaya beach is a suitable place.

3) A tranquil and primitive Myanmar

reasons to visit myanmar

Myanmar is also a country in Southeast Asia, but it is not widely chosen by travelers like its neighboring countries such as Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, … Myanmar tourism has just developed in recent years, therefore, everything from nature, landscape and infrastructure has not been exploited completely, still retain the pristine beauty. This is the best time to experience a calm and tranquil Myanmar. If you are fond of backpacking tourism, or passionate exploring new places, then surely Myanmar will be an interesting option that you cannot ignore. It is the simplicity and tranquility that attract and stimulate you to experience and conquer more than famous and crowded tourist attractions.

4) Admire traditional alms in Buddhist culture

reasons to visit myanmar

Myanmar is a multi-religious country with the emergence of Buddhism, Christianity, Islam … Among which, Buddhism has a very essential role in people’s lives. Buddhism has contributed to the development of morality, the way people behave. Burmese people always live humbly and tolerantly, and help others. The tradition of alms is one of the manifestations of this good value. Almsgiving has long been considered one of the traditional forms of Buddhist activity. Tourists can come to visit pagodas and temples in Myanmar, spend time to witness this traditional and religious ceremony in the morning.

5) Experience the life of local people
The first impression of most visitors to Myanmar is peaceful, gentle in tandem with the ancient temples of the country. One of the fastest ways to learn about Myanmar culture is to experience the locals’ life on your own. When traveling to Myanmar, there are some experiences that you should try to understand more about life and people in Myanmar. You should try to put on the Longyi – traditional dress of the people of Myanmar. Or you can chew Paan of Myanmar, the spicy creating the red water while chewing will give you an unforgettable experience. In addition, you can also drink sugarcane juice, which is a very popular street drink in Myanmar. And a very interesting activity that you can not ignore that is painted face with the unique cream of women in Myanmar – Thanaka cream.

6) Enjoy local dishes

reasons to visit myanmar

Myanmar tourism means coming to a country that is blessed with fertile land and a wide variety of resources, which has provided a great source of food all year round. The cuisine of Myanmar is influenced by China, India and especially the Shan people – a nation in Myanmar. This article will suggest to you some delicious dishes to try when visiting Myanmar. According to CNN voting results, there are 10 food you should enjoy if you have opportunity to travel Myanmar: Tea leaf salad, Shan-style rice, Burmese curry, Burmese tea shop meal, Burmese sweet snacks, Deep-fried stuff, Shan-style ‘tofu’ noodles, Nangyi thoke, Mohinga and Shan-style noodles.

7) People are devoted and loyal
Most of the people here are very enthusiastic in welcoming tourists, giving directions, telling stories they know about culture and country for tourists eventhough their English ability is not really good. Most of the local people in Myanmar are very hospitable, they are willing to make amateur travel guides for your itinerary. They have contributed to help visitors understand more about the country and culture of Myanmar and they will make you love this country. Regardless of what kind of job they do, the foreign tourists always receive the most in-kind help with innocent smiles.

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