Phu Quoc Airport is a popular gateway to Phu Quoc Island, Kien Giang province, which plays an important role in developing Phu Quoc Island into a high-quality tourist and service center. It is a center of trade with other regions in the country, region and the world.
Phu Quoc International Airport is located in the south of Phu Quoc Island, about 10km north of Duong Dong Town.
The passenger terminal is designed with the model of station 02 high and go to separate. The terminal’s operation connects the traffic from the public area in front of the station and the corridor to the flight lounges to create a high-capacity one-way passenger movement.
With the goal of creating a clear coil chain to maximize comfort and convenience for passengers, the two functional areas of the station are separated and located on both sides of the station site. The international terminal is located in the eastern half of the country and the other half of the station is located in the country. Functional areas for passenger arrivals are arranged reasonably to ensure the requirements of exploitation, security and safety.
The international terminal has an area of 5,433 m2, up to 6,097 m2; Inland area: 4,716 m2, up to 4,625 m2; 36 check-in counters for passengers (18 international, 18 domestic); 10 security cameras (06 international, 04 domestic); 03 luggage belts to (01 international, 02 domestic).

Phu Quoc airport

Currently, at the Phu Quoc International Airport there are routes to / from the following airlines are operating:
National Airlines Vietnam – Vietnam Airlines (VNA):
Ho Chi Minh City – Ho Chi Minh City route: 10 times / day.
Phu Quoc – Can Tho – Phu Quoc route: twice daily.
Phu Quoc Airport – Rach Gia – Ho Chi Minh City: 2 times / day.
Ho Chi Minh City route – Rach Gia – Phu Quoc: 2 times / day.
Hanoi – Phu Quoc – Hanoi route: 4 times / day
Singapore – Phu Quoc – Singapore route: 4 times a week
SiemRiep – Phu Quoc – SiemRiep: 6 times a week
VietJet Air Airlines:
Hanoi – Phu Quoc – Hanoi route: twice daily.
Ho Chi Minh City – Phu Quoc route – 6 times per day.
Jetstar Pacific Airlines:
Ho Chi Minh City – Phu Quoc route – 6 times per day.
IKAR Airlines:
Airline Russia – Phu Quoc – Cam Ranh: 4 times a week.
Cam Ranh – Phu Quoc – Russia route: 4 times a week
Nordwind Airlines:
Airline Russia – Phu Quoc – Cam Ranh: 2 times / week.
Cam Ranh – Phu Quoc – Russia route: twice weekly

From Phu Quoc Airport to the city centre Duong Dong town is 9 km. Tourist can get taxi, motorbike taxi (xe om) or car rental with travel agency to move from the airport to Duong Dong town.

Taxi is the most convenient way for tourist. The price is around 170,000 VND ($8) with 17,000 VND per kilometer. Trusted taxi companies you can find at the airport are Mai Linh, Hoang Long and Phu Quoc Sasco Taxi.

Taxi Mai Linh: 0773. 997.799

Taxi Hoang Long: 0773. 988. 988

Taxi Phu Quoc Sasco: 0773. 995.599 – 3 982 982

Private transfer
You can book a car with a travel agency in advance. When getting out the airport gate, it is easy to find a travel agency around there. The cost is higher than taking a taxi with around 250,000 VND ($12).

Motorbike taxi (Xe-om)
Catching a motorbike taxi is the cheapest way moving to the centrel of Duong Dong Town. Stepping out the airport and walking to the road which is not far from the gate, you can find the motorbike taxi waiting there. The price of xe-om is about 10,000 VND per kilometer (50 cent US) so you might only spend around 100,000 VND ($5) to getting Duong Dong Town.

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