Nhu Tien beach, the place preserves the wild beauty and tranquility of Nha Trang coastal sea for relaxation

Nhu Tien beach is considered as one of the few newly reputable beautiful beaches in Nha Trang located on the route from Cam Ranh Airport to Ho Chi Minh City, and about 10km from the center of the Nha Trang city. Being hidden in the mountains to the sea, Nhu Tien beach is actually a closed strait, but bringing the majestic and wild beauty of the mountainous area because this beach still retains its original features, very quietness, so it is increasingly attracting more tourists to come for bathing, relaxation, and enjoying the fresh seafood.


With a space of 25 hectares, Nhu Tien Beach is the large enough to accommodate many tourists and groups at the same time without worrying about being too noisy. Coming to Nhu Tien Beach, tourists will see the excitement and refreshing from such an interesting sea sports, and other services like jetski, cano, windsurf, paragliding, and water motor … For those who need a quiet space, fishing programs are always available to serve.

At noon, the aroma of the beach buffet tables will entice tourists from the excitement, to enjoy the sweet taste of fresh seafood caught in the morning and handled by skillful chefs. When the sun is down, the beach will be filled with intense volleyball competition. To the late afternoon when the sunset has covered the sea, the romantic space is covered with cozy dinner, violin music, the guitar sounds harmonizing with the movements of the sea waves, leaving tourists unforgettable memories about the tranquility of this area.

Let’s come to Nhu Tien beach and discover the unique tranquility of Nha Trang coastal area!