Looking for motorbike driving places in North Vietnam? With beautiful natural scenery and challenging roads, the North Vietnam is a popular destination for many people. With starting point from Hanoi, North West and long way to North East, these are extremely beautiful roads but also very difficult to go. You will experience the feeling of riding a motorbike in the majestic mountainous landscape and over the most difficult mountain in Vietnam. Surely motorbike driving will make you unforgettable!

1) Hanoi – Moc Chau – Bac Yen – Ta Xua

Motorbike driving to Moc Chau is a great destination for many travelers in their schedule, but there are also many people who want to extend their trip to Ta Xua to make the trip more enjoyable.
Hanoi – Moc Chau – Ta Xua – Bac Yen is known as heaven of flower with attractive clouds. One of the most beautiful streets in the North West. You can conquer the peak Pha Luong – rooftop of Moc Chau plateau. Challenges on risky slopes such as Kem Slope and Cun Slope or Thung Khe. A trip will promises makes you want to keep on going without being bored.
The adventurous slopes, jungle flowers, valleys drowned in the fog, all make an incredible route.
Cun winding steep, craggy will bring you first feel of the terrain of high mountains in northwest. Mai Chau, White Rock Pass (Khung Khe Pass) will be the stop for all visitors to admire the beauty of Mai Chau mountain in early morning mist.
Motorbike driving to Moc Chau district, the plum garden is bursting will attract all visitors. At this time, the vast white spread throughout the scene makes this place more poetic and romantic.
Moc Chau is also referred to as the pine forests of “Da Lat” on the plateau, with cool air, large pine trees. Perhaps the deepest impression in the heart of each visitor here is the forest lush 5 hectares of romantic, lyrical. The shadows of green pine forest endlessly hiding in the water as we rekindled the desire to explore this vast forest.
Bat Cave is one of the places visited by many people in the trip to Moc Chau. This place is such a magnificent artwork that nature North West has favored this place. Bring the mysterious virtual beauty should Bat Cave also known as the “Western Paradise” or “heavenly house”.
To reach the “sky palace” you have to climb all 240 steps are small narrow vertical. But when you reach the mouth of the cave you will feel the atmosphere is cool, easy to dispel tired.
The heart of tea is the symbol of Moc Chau plateau is an ideal destination to enjoy. The green of the tea forest in the middle of the blue sky makes everyone want to stop to look at.
Before leaving Moc Chau, do not overlook the opportunity to conquer Pha Luong – the roof of this plateau. Pha Luong peak is nearly 2.000m majestic but dangerous: “Slope up the slope downhill.
Ta Xua is the destination can not be ignored for those who desire to explore. After crossing the 230km steep mountain pass, in front of you is the image of breathtaking cloud. Looking down from above, you will feel like you are getting lost in the paradise.
Bac Yen is the last stop on this emotional journey. If Pha Luong is the roof of Moc Chau plateau, Lang Co is the roof of Bac Yen. Higher than 2,000m, always in the thick fog, set foot here, you really know what is the feeling of “hunting clouds”.

2) Hanoi – Nghia Lo – Mu Cang Chai

This is one of the most beautiful places in Northern Vietnam that you can also refer to. This line is particularly beautiful in September, October. You can conquer Khau Pha Pass – one of the four great passes in Vietnam. Khau Pha Pass is a dangerous pass on Highway 32 with a length of nearly 40 km, located in the border area between Van Chan district and Mu Cang Chai district of Yen Bai province.
With the Nghia Lo – Khau Phau pass – Mu Cang Chai pass you will be passing many famous sites such as La Pan Tan, Tu Le, Che Cu Nha, Nam Co … at the height from 1.200m to 1.500m compared to ink seawater. Terraced fields will certainly make you fall in love without wanting to leave the step. The terraces here are particularly beautiful in the winter months when people set foot in or volunteer in this area .
If you have a lot of time then you can combine to add more places. You cross a round of Hanoi – Yen Bai – Lao Cai – Sapa – Y Rat – Cang Chai – Hanoi. This line does not overlap. One tip is that you can go in the fall season or ripe gran season. Water season starts different each year, but it is about in mid-May.

3) Hanoi – Dien Bien Phu – A Pa Chai

In the Northwest, where is the wonder of many people, suggesting a beautiful street can not be mentioned is Hanoi – Dien Phu Phu – A Pa Chai.
Dien Bien has a very famous landmark with avid travelers, which is the landmark A Pa Chai (Milestone without number). If you love the North West, this is the best offering you can not ignore.
A Ba Chai is the fork border of Vietnam, Laos and China, located in Sin Thau commune, Muong Nhe district, Dien Bien province. This is where the “rooster crows of all three countries are heard”, located on the top of the Khoang La San, about 750 km from Hanoi, completed the plugging of the landmark on June 27, 2005. From Dien Bien Phu city there are many ways to get to A Pa Chai. The most popular route is Muong Cha – Muong Nhe – Chung Chai – Border Guard Station 405 Leng Su Sin – Ta Kho Khue – Border Guard Station 317 A Pa Chai. This route has a total length of nearly 280 km.
If you do not have the will and determination to succeed, you may not overcome by the coldness of the Northwestern mountains and the tiredness that comes after hours of climbing the road. To regain strength between the hills and mountains, it is a good idea to drink a few sips of spring water on the side of the road. The sweet, cool of the natural water in the squeeze will partly relieve tiredness . Along with that is the vibrant color of orchid branch, the silver color of the ancient tree and the fragrant aroma of the flowers of wild flowers … all compensate for your hard work.
A landmark of the country with the A Pa Chai is the dream of many people. You can conquer the beautiful Pha Din Pass which is no less dangerous, but also one of the four great passes in Vietnam. Here is the island of cherry flowers, Ban flowers goes to legend in the Northwest.

4) Hanoi – Lao Cai – Hoang Su Phi

The places in the north must be followed by is the Hanoi – Lao Cai – Hoang Su Phi. Hoang Su Phi is always the choice of the players when harvesting, the wonderful terraces winding a yellow color to create an unbelievable beauty.
Hoang Su Phi is located in 6 communes of Ban Luoc, San Su Ho, Ban Phung, Ho Thau, Nam Ty and Thong Nguyen in Ha Giang province. The way up to Hoang Su Phi is also very dangerous so you also need skills to mountain to reach to the best terrain scenery in Vietnam.
Terraced fields are found mostly in the communes of Hoang Su Phi district. But most focused and most beautiful are the villages: Ban Luoc, Ban Phung, Thong Nguyen, Ho Thau, Nam Ty, San Su Lake with a total area of nearly 765 hectares. The rice plant in Hoang Su Phung is longer than Mu Cang Chai and the terraced fields are also higher.
You will be delighted to enjoy the magnificent natural scenery, the golden rice terraces of rice. Peaceful tranquility of the village will give you the unforgettable feeling and new experiences when crossing many forests and hills to the grandeur of creativity.
This is a bold bow in the Northwest is chosen by many people, you can touch the top Fansipan is the roof of Indochina. Conquering O Quy Ho Pass – one of the four at the peak in our country. O Quy Ho Pass, also known as Hoang Lien Son Pass; Cloud Pass is one of the longest, most dangerous and imposing passages in the North West.
You can also explore Sapa paradise for all couples, misty haze, winter can be have snows which is extremely romantic.

5) Yen Minh – Lung Cu – Dong Van – Meo Vac – Ha Giang

In particular, the Dong Van rocky terrain is a mighty natural wonder, bringing with it many cultural and natural heritages such as the Lung Cu peak. “Proud state of the nation” marks the northernmost point of the country. The town of ancient paintings exist for hundreds of years, lovely, poetic, cool can compare with Da Lat and Sa Pa, rocky mountains, Nho Que River with Ma Lung is the first great wonder of the country.
When you cross the Northwest by motorcycle you will be able to see and conquer Lung Cu flag pole and the North Pole in Vietnam. Lost in the middle of the most beautiful Yen Minh hill in Vietnam.
When conquering this line you can also conquer Ma Phia Leng – the legendary pass contains many interesting things. Passing Nho Que River, Happiness Road, Quan Ba Mountain.

6) Hanoi- Ba Be Lake – Ban Gioc Waterfall

With Cao Bang, Ban Gioc Waterfall is the fourth largest waterfall in the world among the beautiful waterfalls on the border between the countries and is the largest natural waterfall in Southeast Asia. Go to Gioc village, tourists will enjoy watching the majestic beauty and poetic beauty of the waterfall.

7) Bac Son rice season

Bac Son Valley (Bac Son district, Lang Son) in June and July every year we see the golden rice fields mixed with clouds and sky. To see the most beautiful Bac Son, the most complete nature lovers, mountain lovers should climb to the top of Mount Ma Na 600 m high can see the “Golden Valley” with a whole view.

8) Hanoi- Binh Lieu – Dinh Lap in reeds season

One of the most beautiful roads in the East – North West, November is the time when people often refer to reeds in Binh Lieu – Dinh Lap. If you have not planned for this trip, you must certainly regret it.
Going to Binh Lieu, tracing 1305 is also a journey full of experience. Want to conquer the milestone 1305 “wanders” have to cross the mountain is referred to as “back dinosaur Binh Lieu”.
The above suggestions are the most beautiful roads in the north that you can refer. Roads are full of difficulties, challenges and obstacles, but strangely attract travelers. Certainly when we overcome the dangers of these ones we will have the same feelings and experiences right?

Details of destinations

Mai Chau

motorbike driving places in North Vietnam

About 170km from Hanoi, Mai Chau is a cultural tourism destination that is highly expected to discover by domestic and foreign visitors. Mai Chau appears in the eyes of tourists is a beautiful valley with thousands of green fields, hidden in the folds of the house nestled in the mountains covered with clouds. The famous place is the Lac village, with 100% ethnic Thai living there.
Motorbike driving to Mai Chau is an ideal destination for those who like to travel landscapes, tourist resorts, cultural tourism. A destination full of tourist style meeting the needs of many different objects and interests. This is also a very suitable destination for many types of travelers, you can organize camp fire, team building, organize social activities to help local residents.

Moc Chau (Son La)

motorbike driving places in North Vietnam

Moc Chau is the largest and most beautiful highland in the northern mountains of Son La province. Located on the North West Road famous for its magnificent landscape, beautiful villages along the road with flowers, peach blossom, plum blossom.
Driving to Moc Chau by motorbike is a destination that has become quite familiar with backpacking tourists. Every year, Moc Chau is visited by millions of young people. With attractive routes, many beautiful attractions , Moc Chau has drawn many attention from people from professional to non-professional travelers.
Moc Chau is comparable to Da Lat in the North West, traveling to Moc Chau in the summer or winter, white foggy day or sunshine spreading on the forest makes visitors taken aback by the natural beauty of Moc Chau.
Moc Chau is famous for its white flowers, blooms of plum blossoms and green tea hills. At any point in the year, this green plateau has such a strong attraction that coming any season has its uniqueness. Just 190 km from Hanoi, with a cool climate all year round, this is the ideal destination for travelers from Hanoi to travel the weekend.


motorbike driving places in North Vietnam

Sapa is often referred to by the name “country of fog”, is an ideal destination in the eyes of avid travelers. Motorbike driving to Sapa is always fascinating, strangely unique, even though how many times you’ve travelled , there are still many things to explore.
Sa Pa today may not be as primitive, quiet as before, but still enough to bring the heart of the bustle and hustle city looking for a peaceful moment here. Regarding Sa Pa, it is hard to resist the splendor of majestic beauty, the magnificent view of terraced fields. From the center of Sa Pa town to the Ta Phin, Ta Van, Trung Chai, … everywhere also scattered with sweet-scented rice flavor.
The driver can’t resist admiring the beautiful landscape as picturesque. Motorbike driving to Sapa is an ideal destination for motorbike drivers who like mystery and something a little gentle poetic.
Sapa is one of the best promises of couples wanting to hold hands while strolling around the pure pristine place. Sapa is not as romantic as Dalat or as attractive as Hoi An, Nha Trang, Tam Dao. But with the ancient houses or with the homestay will make many people fascinated.
Visitors not only fall in love with the natural beauty of the place also the North West food and friendly people here with unique cultural identity.
Motorbike driving to Sapa, perhaps the most noticeable is the terraced rice fields zigzag across the slope, women to children wear beautiful national costumes and sell handicrafts to tourists, such as silver rings, silver chains and brocade bags which can be ideal souvenirs for your friends and family when travelling there.

Cao Bang

motorbike driving places in North Vietnam

In each season, Cao Bang has its own beauty. However, according to the Cao Bang travel experience, the best time to drive to Cao Bang is from August to September when the Ban Gioc waterfall is filled with green and fresh water. November to December is the time when buckwheat flowers and arthropods flower bloom throughout the mountains. For motorbike drivers who love the weather is not too cold nor hot , from March to April is apricot season. You’ll immerse yourself in this.

Ha Giang

motorbike driving places in North Vietnam

Ha Giang is not only beautiful because of majestic scenery, winding endless roads, but also beautiful flowers and friendly human.
You can drive to Ha Giang by motorbike in any season of the year, because only the roads running in the mountain plateau is enough to attract you. But you can also choose some beautiful times in the year, such as October, November – beautiful triangular flowers, or November, December is the time of the flower. In the spring, there are white plum blossoms.
Ha Giang is large, mighty and wild, embracing the beautiful scenery, as well as nourishing the cultural characteristics of ethnic minority. You can not only indulge yourself in pristine and poetic landscape but you will also see yourself in daily activities with residents here.
The interesting places in Ha Giang include the market of Cao Dong Van, Ma Phi Leng Pass, Lung Cu flagpole, Vuong family house, Quan Ba gate, Quan Ba town valley, fields of white plum blossom . The high terraces stretch on the middle of the mountain at Hoang Su Phi.

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