Laos is a pristine and peaceful destination that attracts millions of tourists from all over the world. Laos is an ideal tourist attraction because of its charming inducement with magnificent temples, glorious royal palace museum, unique rice fields, Vientiane Buddha Garden as well as fine and cheap artwork, delicious and tasty food. This article below will provide you with useful information on Lao visa so that you may have a safe and meaningful trip.


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Lao travelers have to acquire a visa if they do not come from visa exemption countries. All visitors to Laos have to carry a valid passport for 6 months.
One advantage is that some countries will not need a visa to Laos for a short stay. Here is the list of visa-free countries with enclosed maximum stay endurance:
1. Brunei (14 days)
2. Cambodia (30 days)
3. Indonesia (30 days)
4. Japan (15 days)
5. Luxemburg (15 days)
6. Malaysia (30 days)
7. Mongolia (30 days)
8. Myanmar (Burma) (14 days)
9. Philippines (30 days)
10. Russia (15 days)
11. Singapore (30 days)
12. South Korea (15 days)
13. Switzerland (15 days)
14. Thailand (30 days)
15. Vietnam (30 days)
All countries not included in the list of 15 countries exempted visa from the above list, when to Laos must have a visa. Furthermore, diplomatic or authorized passport holders of Serbia, Pakistan, South Korea and Japan have not been needed a visa to travel to Laos for 90 days. Only diplomatic or authorized passport holders of China, North Korea, Belarus, Turkmenistan, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Cuba, Czech Republic, Tajikistan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Myanmar, Hungary, Poland, Russia, India, Moldova, Timor-Leste, and Ukraine have not been required to have a visa to visit Laos for 30 days. Additionally, only Indonesian citizens do not need to have a visa to stay for 14 days.
You can achieve a visa on arrival through these following methods:

1. International airports of Laos

There are four Lao international airports that you can get visa. They are:
– Wattay Airport (in Vientiane)
– Savannakhet Airport (in Savannakhet)
– Luang Prabang Airport (in Luang Prabang Province)
– Pakse Airport (in Champasack)

2. Checkpoints and borders

– Dong Calor – Veun Kham, Cambodia to Champasack Province (From Cambodia Nakaxeng – Kaenthao – Nameo – Banleui, Thanh Hoa to Huaphanh Province; Namkan – Namkan, Nghe An to Xieng Khouang Province; Keoneua – Nampao (Lak Sao), Ha Tinh to Bolikhamxay Province and Laobao – Dansavanh, Quang tri to Savannakhet Province (From Vietnam to Laos)
– Chongmek – Vangtao; Lao-Thai Friendship Bridge III; Lao-Thai Friendship Bridge II; Lao-Thai Friendship Bridge I; Houi Koln – Nam Ngeun and Chiangkhong – Houixay (From Thailand to Laos)
– Mohan – Botene (From China to Laos)
– Overland transportation (From Cambodia to Laos)

3. You can acquire a visa on arrival by train stations, through Thanaleng Railway Station.

4. One of the most effective forms you can refer to get a visa is through travel companies.

Of course, if you choose this option, it also means you have to pay for an additional service fee. However, choosing this form will save you time, and bring high efficiency.
How to apply for a visa (visit visa, tourist visa, work visa) to Laos in Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, China?
– Original passport which has minimum 6 months of staying validity.
– A filled out and signed visa application form.
– Two photos (according to passport category).
– Cash for paying visa fee.
For US citizens having passport, you will need:
– Passport (must not expire in 6 months).
– Photo (3 recent passport-type photographs).
– Your departure proof (e-ticket; or letter you received from the travel agency).
– Application form (provided form).
– Document Pre-check.
In Australia, you may need:
– Passport.
– Two recent passport-size photos.
– ID document.
If you want to extend or renew your visa, please continue reading the following essential information:
You can extend both Tourist visas and visas on arrival once for 30 days. However, you can have your visit visa extended for maximum 60 days. You will have to pay for US $10 per overstay day if you do not extend your visa with US $2 for any extra days.
In Laos, you can extend your visa at the Immigration Office in Vientiane (Lane Xang Avenue, Chanthabouly District, Hatsady Village).
Although the above article may not answer all your questions, however, it also provides you with the most basic information that you need to know before applying for a visa to Laos. You may consider asking for further information from the Embassy or tour operators and travel agents for assistance. In order to have a secure and enjoyable journey, you need to find out basic information mentioned above thoroughly, to avoid possible.

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