Have you tried Kebab Rice noodles yet? The dish is composed of noodles, grilled pork, and sweet-and-sour sauce. It is also one of the most ancient dishes in Hanoi, which is considered a unique food in the capital of Vietnam. At first sight, Kebab rice noodles is not a special food because ingredients to create it are all around the market every day.

kebab rice noodles

You don’t even need particular or secret spices like Pho or Beef Noodles. The dish is available all year round and does not need many sophisticated ingredients like Vermicelli and chicken soup or Vietnamese gumbo. Kebab rice noodles of Hanoi is plain and simple to some extent. You only need noodles, lean and fat meat mixed, and some existing ingredients in your house, such as onion, garlic, chili pepper. Buying some papaya, carrots, some raw vegetables and you will have the dish complete.
The complicated part when making it is grilling the meat pies. There are two types of them in Kebab rice noodles, one of which is meatball and the other is meat chopped in pieces. Both of them required to be grilled on a charcoal stove and kept the good smell when cooked through.
Meatballs are made from shoulder cuts, marinated carefully, and shaped into flat pieces. Meat chopped into pieces is often marinated 24 hours before being grilled. Whatever type they are, you will fall in love with them after tasting them.

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