Hai Phong airport (HPH) or Cat Bi International Airport is located in the general planning of waterway, road, railway, of the whole country in general and Hai Phong city in particular. In the future, it will be an important bridge linking the major cities in the country and Southeast Asia and Asia and at the same time playing an important role in the development of trade, cultural investment and tourism.

Cat Bi International Airport is an important airport in the North East of the Northern Delta, located in Hai An District, Hai Phong City. 8 km south-east of the city center, 6 km from Hai Phong seaport, 25 km from Do Son International Airport, 8 km from Dinh Vu Industrial Park and a bit further Cat Ba tourism.
The station is designed in accordance with international standards, creative and close architecture, attached to the typical image of Buffalo Fighting Festival in Do Son, Hai Phong, on an area of 7.500m2 and floor area used 15,630m2 with two highways and separate, serving both domestic and international, capacity to meet 1000 passengers / peak hours, equivalent to 2 million passengers per year.
Departure is located in the 2nd floor, large front lobby connects with the road system and the two-storey entrance for international and domestic guests. There are 29 check-in counters in which counters 1 to 16 serve domestic flights and 17 – 29 counters serve international routes.

Hai Phong airport

Arrival is located on the first floor, for domestic and international, there are 3 luggage conveyor islands to the two islands for domestic and one island for international guests.
The old passenger terminal covers an area of 2.400m2, 150m to the east of the new terminal, after the passenger terminal is officially put into operation on 12/5/2016. For the purpose of parking, the parking area at the front of the old railway station is used for parked vehicles.
Domestic routes: Up to now, there are only three domestic airlines operating flights here: there are Vietnam Airlines, Vietjet Air and Jetstar.
Ho Chi Minh City – Hai Phong flight route: currently operated by 3 domestic airlines with an average frequency of 12 flights per day. In particular, Vietnam Airlines has 3 flights / day, Vietjet has 5 flights / day, Jetstar has 4 flights / day. On the holidays, Tet or peak travel season companies will have more flights to enhance the needs of people.
Da Nang – Hai Phong flight: operated by two airlines Vietnam Airlines and Vietjet with the frequency of about 4 flights / day.
Buon Me Thuot – Haiphong route is currently only operated by Jetstar with a frequency of 1 flight per day. The flight departs at 11:35 am at Ban Me Thuot airport.
International routes: There are many international airlines operating flights to Cat Bi Hai Phong airport as Jetstar Asia, Jetstar Pacific Airlines, Vietnam Airlines, Ethiopian Airlines.
There are many international routes from Southeast Asian countries that fly to Hai Phong such as Macau – Hai Phong; Bangkok – Hai Phong; Singapore – Hai Phong. And Hai Phong also welcomes international flights from London, New York.

Hai Phong airport (or Cat Bi airport) is situated in 8 km from the central of Hai Phong city. Tourists can move to the city by taxi, private car, bus, or xe om.

***From Hai Phong airport to city centre

Xe om (Motorbike)
When getting out the gate or airport and go on foot to the road, you can easy to take a xe om. The price is very cheap with 7,000 VND per kilometer which means around 60,000 VND (about $3) one way in total. However, in order to void scams of over pay, you need to make an agreement of price first.

Private car
Using the transportation service of travel agency also is a great choice. You can pre-arrange a car to pick you up at the airport and drop you off at your hotel. It might cost about 200,000 VND ($9) to move from the airport to the central of Hai Phong.

Taxi is always the most convenient way to transport from any airport to the city central. There are many brands for tourists such as Thong Nhat, Dat Cang, Hai Phong, and Mai Linh. The cost of taxi is from 12,000 VND to 17,000 VND (50 cent – 70 cent US) per kilometer

Mai Linh: 0225. 326 26 26

Thong Nhat: 0225. 359 1591

Dat Cang: 0225. 373 6736

Hai Phong: 0225. 373 73 73

*** Hai Phong airport to Tuan Chau harbor, Ha Long
The distance between Hai Phong airport and Tuan Chau harbor, Ha Long is around 65 km. You can get to Tuan Chau harbor by hiring a taxi or renting a car.

You can select one of taxi companies which are listed above and start your trip from the airport to Tuan Chau harbor. The cost might be around $40. Before get on a taxi, you should bargain the price to take the lowest cost as much as you can.

Private car
It’s easy to book a private car with travel agency. The cost depends on type of the car you select and the size. It might be $50-60 one way.

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