Dien Bien airport is an important bridge connecting Hanoi capital, regions in the country and international friends with Dien Bien; To hold the key position in the strategy of economic, social. So it plays an important role in the geographic position of Vietnam.

Dien Bien airport is a civil airport combined with military operations, located in the Dien Bien Phu basin in the northwest of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, 300 km from the center of Hanoi.
Passenger Terminal of Dien Bien Airport was inaugurated in 2004 and is fully equipped with aviation and non-aeronautical equipment, with designed capacity of 150 passengers per hour, 300,000 passengers guest / year. Total land area of the station is 1.846m2. Total floor area of 2,500m2.

Dien Bien airport

1st floor: For arrivals and departures. Area: 1700m2
Level 2: Including restricted area, isolated area with 2 waiting rooms for passengers. Area: 800m2.
Domestic routes: Up to now, only Vietnam Airlines operates domestic flights to Dien Bien with the only flight from Hanoi with twice daily flights.
International flight: In addition to domestic flights there are many international flights to Dien Bien such as luang Prabang – Dien Bien; Bangkok – Dien Bien, Beijing – Dien Bien, Singapore – Dien Bien, Tokyo – Dien Bien .
Luang Prabang – Dien Bien: This route is operated by Lao Airlines, Bangkok Airways and Vietnam Airlines.
Bangkok – Dien Bien: This route has many airlines operating as: Cathay Pacific, Asiana Airlines, China Airlines, Hong Kong Airlines.

Dien Bien airport is only 3.8 km far from Dien Bien Phu city. You can move to the city by bus, car rental or taxi.

Hoa Ban, Him Lam and Xuan Long are three most popular and trusted taxi brands in Dien Bien Phu city. You can choose one of these brands to transport to and from the airport. The cost is about 40,000 VND ($2)

Hoa Ban: 0230. 389 8989

Him Lam: 0230. 372 72 72

Xuan Long: 0230. 376 76 76

Car rental
Long Giang Company provides the service to transfer from Dien Bien airport to the city central as well as other suburban districts in Dien Bien province. The phone number of Long Giang: 02303 70 70 70.

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