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Toum Tiou I Cruise


Mekong Cruises
4 star
Mekong Delta

Toum Tiou I Cruise – The first Cambodian Cruise with International Standard Accommodation.

Erected in the traditional style, the Toum Tiou I was launched in 2002. The cruise’s name was inspired by a traditional Khmer tale, Toum and Tiou, the Cambodian version of Romeo and Juliet. The story was about Toum and Tiou. Their love were prohibited by the ambitious mother of Tiou who wanted her daughter to marry the King. The story ended in sadness when both of the young lovers had died for true love. It is the first Cambodian cruise boat with international standard accommodations. It was specially designed in local style: Fully paneled in wood, with charm and comfort details. With the tasteful decoration of a bygone era, the Toum Tiou has 10 cozy double cabins: 4 on the main deck and 6 on the upper deck with private shower, a large lounge area, a half-covered bar-restaurant to the rear and a roof patio. Toum Tiou’s low draft allows it access to the remotest of villages, offering real insights into  lively local life along the river banks which remain almost untouched by modern world.

Cruise Itinerary

8 Days 7 Nights

Day 1: Saigon – My Tho

15:45The Toum Tiou is all revved up, spruced up, and ready for you16:00 Check the formalities.

16:30 The Toum Tiou departs for My Tho, safety instructions.

19:00 Enjoy a refreshing welcome drink and cruise briefing and introduction of the crew. Dinner and overnight on board.

Meals: Dinner
Accommodation: Toum Tiou I Cruise

Day 2: My Tho – Cai Be – Vinh Long

The Toum Tiou departs at the break of dawn.7:00 Begin the day with a sumptuous breakfast whilst the Toum Tiou navigates – delicately – the marvelous canal of Cho Gao.

10:00 We arrive at My Tho. Toum Tiou drops anchor close to the Thoi Son Island on the banks of a northern arm of the Mekong.

My Tho which means fragrant herb and draws thousands of tourists who are eager to embrace the untouched beauty of the Delta. It is a prosperous city of about 100,000 inhabitants, famous for its myriad fruit orchards, gardens and vast rice fields. The climate is warm and pleasant throughout the year. The surrounding countryside is home to one of the most luxuriant gardens of Vietnam, encircled by coconut palms and banana and mango trees.

Local boats are sent to the Toum Tiou to pick you up for transfer to the mainland.

We embark on a short panoramic tour of My Tho town, stopping halfway for a visit to My Tho colourful market. We return to the pier and we cruise by local boat to Dragon Island where were quaff the everyday life of the local denizens and

Faire un tour de My Tho sur la route, visiter le marché de My Tho. Retour au port, les touristes arrivent à l’île dragon sur un bateau local pour la visiter, découvrir la vie des habitants and enjoy local fruits.

11:30 Passengers re-embark Toum Tiou. The cruise ship leave My Tho for Cai Be. A special lunch spread is served and leisure time on board.

15:30 Toum Tiou drops anchor at Cai Be. Local boats are sent to the Toum Tiou to pick you up for a delightful cruise around Cai Be Floating Market.

We visit a typical local dwelling and a show room of traditional farming tools.

We continue cruising and we stop at Vinh Long – a brick and pottery factory and the Binh Hoa Phuoc Islet Nursery of Fruit Trees. We visit a typical local dwelling and a show room of traditional farming tools.

Vinh Long – Vietnamese for Majestic Dragon- sits merrily in the middle of the delta, protected by the two arms of the Mekong. The soil of Vinh Long is enriched by silt deposits, making it ideal for growing mandarins and other citrus fruits.

Life here centers on water. Houses are hoisted precariously on stilts that are planted onto the banks of the river. Hawkers peddle knick knacks from boats. Hundreds of small boats travel the river daily. The unbridled warmth of the locals makes this a destination par excellence.

18:00 We return to the Toum Tiou. We depart for Sa Dec.

19:30 We arrive at Sa Dec, Toum Tiou drops anchor. A delectable dinner awaits us. Overnight on board

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Accommodation: Toum Tiou I Cruise

Day 3: Sa Dec – Chau Doc

06:00 The day begins with a sumptuous breakfast.

07:00 Sa Dec – Panorama Cruise and then we transfer to Trung Vuong primary school. We then continue our cruise to the Kien An Cung Pagoda. We stroll around the bustling Sa Dec Market. The small city of Sa Dec of 30,000 inhabitants is fascinating in its unspoiled beauty and authenticity. You can see some colonial houses and “The Chinese House” (in the novel “The Lover” of Duras and it has appeared in a movie)

09:00We retun to the Toum Tiou and we leave Sa Dec for arrive at Chau DocChau. Lunch is served on board. Enjoy leisure time.

17:00 We arrive at Chau Doc.

Departure to visit the fish breeding rafts and Cham minority village on a local boat. If times permits, we will be able to drink in the spectacular sunset on the Sam Mountain which peaks at 237 meters. Its well-known Buddhist sanctuaries offer an unobstructed view over the mosaic of glistening rice paddies below. To the left is Cambodia, the flow of the Mekong on the horizon breaks into an infinity of silver ribbons. Midway, we visit the Lady Chua Xu temple and Tay An Pagoda.

19:30 We return to the Tuom Tiou. Dinner is served onboard. The cruise ships moors overnight.

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Accommodation: Toum Tiou I Cruise

Day 4: Vinh Xuong – Phnom Penh

Toum Tiou leaves at the break of dawn for Vinh Xuong (Vietnamese border). Breakfast is served.08:00 We arrive at the Vinh Xuong check-point. Check the formalities then we depart for Phnom Penh.

10:30 Toum Tiou leaveVinh Xuong for Phnom Penh. Lunch is served.

19:00 We arrive in Phnom Penh, the capital city of Cambodia. Guests are free to explore the capital of Cambodia. Dinner and overnight on board.

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Accommodation: Toum Tiou I Cruise

Day 5: Phnom Penh

08:00 Breakfast is served. Departure to Tuol Sleng, a former center of detention, torture and execution from 1975 to 1979. This visit help you know more about the crime of the Khmer Rouge regime.12:00 We return at Phnom Penh. Lunch is served on board.

15:00 Free visit. You can visit FCC, Russian Market and others boutiques…

19:00 We return to Toum Tiou. Be entertained by the graceful dancers of the traditional APSARA” show in 45 minutes.

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Accommodation: Toum Tiou I Cruise

Day 6: Phnom Penh – Kompong Tralach

07:00 Breakfast is served. Visit the city, the Royal Palace, Silver Pagoda and National Museum.12:00 We return to the cruise ship. The Toum Tiou leaves Koh Chen for Kompong Tralach. Lunch is served on board.

16:00 Arriver at Kampong Tralach to visit beautiful Vihara located in the pagoda Tralach Leu by passing the village Tralach Krom on a small path and you will see large rice fields out of sight.

You will visit there the very charming Vihara of the Wat Kampong Leu Pagoda dating back from the last century and which has retained beautiful wall paintings. But these paintings began to be destroyed by climate. Surrounded by rice fields, this modest pagoda attracts many tourists.

18:00 We return to Toum Tiou. Dinner is served and the cruise ship moors overnight.

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Accommodation: Toum Tiou I Cruise

Day 7: Kampong Chnang – Chnok Tru

07:00 Early morning, The Toum Tiou sails for Kampong Chhnang. Breakfast is served on board.09:00 We arrive at Kampong Chhnang.

Located some 56 miles from Phnom Penhthe town of Kampong Chhnang is one of the largest fishing ports on the Tonlé Sap.In this region, there are many fish farms. Kampong Chhnang is famous for fish farming and pottery ware whose style does not change for decades and provide pottery for all country. And not to be overlooked are the products of the Thnot tree (sugar palm – a symbol of the country) – a mellow tasting, caramel-colored sugar sold in large cakes and palm wine – that grows abundantly in the area..

11:30 Passagers return to the cruise ship. Lunch is serves when the cruise leave for Chno Tru.

16:30 Arrive at Chnok Tru. This village is completely independent: floating school, ice factory for fish preservation, church, pagoda, shops, boat or television repair shops, video club, karaoke bar, police station … everything is on the water. All trades are represented and everybody from children to grandparents, grew up on the boat through the network of canals that cross this little town.

18:00 We return to the cruise ship. Toum Tiou moors overnight near Chno Tru.

19:30 Cocktail (1 glass of local liquor or juice) with the chef of cruise and our manager. Dinner (menu + 1 glass of wine). Overnight on board.

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Accommodation: Toum Tiou I Cruise

Day 8: Chnok Tru – Siem Reap

Higher water program

The Toum Tiou departs early in the morning. Enjoy leisure time when The Toum Tiou passes the Tonle Sap Lake.

11:00 Leave for Phnom Penh pier (about 5 miles from Siem Reap)

Lower water program

07:00 Breakfast is served, you will take the motorboat to go through the lake. Visit Chno Tru, a floating village.

12:00 Arrive at Phnom Penh pier (about 5 miles from Siem Reap)

At the end of the period of lower water (~ from the end of March to June), the water level does not allow us probably to take the motorboat to pass the lake. In this case, tourists will be transferred to Siem Reap by road (during eniron of 5 to 6 hours).

Meals: Breakfast
Accommodation: NA


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