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Mekong Cruises

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Bassac Cruise
Mekong Delta Vietnam

0 reviews

The Bassac Cruise – Truly experience the unique culture of Mekong Delta. Based on the classic appearance of traditional rice barges, Bassac Cruise was built and designed to be an elegant Mekong delta

avg/night210 USD SELECT

Jahan Cruise
Mekong Delta Vietnam

0 reviews

The Jahan was built in 2011 and ushered in an era of opulent cruising. Aboard, guests are treated to grand staterooms, elegant public areas and all the five-star services of the finest hotel.

avg/night1475 USD SELECT

Jayavarman Cruise
Mekong Delta Vietnam

0 reviews

Jayavarman Cuise – Palace of the King. Our ship was designed by Jayavarman’s legacy will gives the feeling like living in a

avg/night799 USD SELECT

Le Cochinchine Cruise
Mekong Delta Vietnam

0 reviews

Le Cochinchine Cruise – An elegant and delightful boat. Conceived as the traditional rice-barges, Le Cochinchine is an elegant and delightful riverboat that promises a peaceful and comfortable journey along canals of the Mekong Delta.

avg/night189 USD SELECT

Mekong Emotion Cruise
Mekong Delta Vietnam

0 reviews

Mekong Emotion – Cruise in Luxury.  Purposefully designed to meet up specific needs of the most discerning travelers, Mekong Emotion brings you a fantastic combination of exquisite culinary experience

avg/night179 USD SELECT

Mekong Eyes Cruise
Mekong Delta Vietnam

0 reviews

Mekong Eyes Cruise - The symbol of Luck. Mekong Eyes was built based on traditional rice barges with the finest quality wood, and artfully decorated by skilled craftsmen of the Mekong Delta.

avg/night160 USD SELECT

Toum Tiou I Cruise
Mekong Delta Vietnam

0 reviews

Toum Tiou I Cruise – The first Cambodian Cruise with International Standard Accommodation. Erected in the traditional style, the Toum Tiou I was launched in 2002. The cruise's

avg/night1544 USD SELECT
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