Con Dao airport (Or Con Son airport) has an important economic, political and geographical location as the gateway of Con Dao to the mainland. Con Dao Airport is located in the North – Northeast of Con Son Island, 14km from the center of Con Dao Town, in the middle of the valley. Con Dao Airport is one of the most beautiful airports in Vietnam.
Passenger Terminal Con Dao airport was completed in May 2005 with a total area of 3.792m2 with full equipment, ensuring serving 200 passengers peak hours, including: 02 aircraft doors, 05 counters of procedures, 02 conveyor belts, 01 VIP rooms, 01 lost luggage stalls, Firefighting equipment …

Con Dao airport

Domestic routes: Up to now, only Vietnam Airlines has operated Saigon / Can Tho – Con Dao.
Ho Chi Minh City – Con Dao route is operated with an average frequency of 4 to 6 flights per day.
Can Tho – Con Dao: With this route, Vietnam Airlines operates only 4 flights / week on Monday and Sunday.
International routes: Along with that, there are quite a lot of big airlines in the world to fly to Con Dao as H1, Silkair, Malaysia Airlines, Vietnam Airlines, Jetstar Pacific Airlines.
Some international routes to Con Dao can be referred to as Singapore – Con Dao.

Con Dao airport, or local name is Con Son airport, is located in 14 km from the central of the town from the North. From the airport, tourists can move to the town by taxi, xe om or private car.

Private car
You can book a car with travel agency, and the cost is about 350,000 VND one way ($16). The cost may ranges from 350,000 to 380,000 VND. If the driver asks a higher price beyond this range, you cannot accept.

There are two trusted taxi brands in Con Dao which offer the service of transportation from Con Son airport to Con Dao Town. They are Dau Khi Con Dao and Con Son. You should not select other taxi besides two brands because you may experience taxi scam of unofficial taxi. The cost of taxi is 19,000 VND – 25,000 VND per kilometer ($1)

Xe om (motorbike taxi)
The cost of xe om in Con Dao is 10,000 VND per kilometer (about 50 cent US). It is the cheapest way; however, if you are the first time travelling Con Dao, you should not choose xe om because it might not safety.

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