Vietnam Itinerary 1 Week

Vietnam Itinerary 1 Week – Best Travel Guide

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Wondering where to visit with Vietnam Itinerary 1 week? Southeast Asia is one of the oldest and most visited tourist destinations in the world. More and more tourists are choosing Vietnam as a tourist destination – perhaps because Vietnam owns one of the most beautiful beaches and also because of its admiration for a small country …

Hoang Lien Son Mountain

Discover Hoang Lien Son Mountain, Sapa

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Among many mountain ranges in Viet Nam, Hoang Lien Son Mountain seems to be more widely known. This is a famous scenic spot in Sapa not only famous for its “Roof of the Indochina” Fanxipan Mountain but also beautiful vista, diverse ecosystem, and rare flora and fauna. Hoang Lien Son mountain is located in the Northwest …

Heaven Gate

Heaven Gate, The Attractive Destination in Sapa

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Heaven Gate is one of the most well-known attractions in Sapa. Once visiting this breathtaking sight, travelers had a great chance to experience themselves that Sapa is not only famous for the bewitching beauty of rice terraced fields or colorful ethnic minority groups but also a plenty of other alluring scenic spots. When talking about …

Silver Waterfall

Silver Waterfall, One Of The Most Beautiful Waterfall in Sapa

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Silver Waterfall has long been regarded as an awe-inspiring scenic spot in Sa Pa. The waterfall cascades down the mountainside from the altitude of over 100 meters. Standing at the foot of the waterfall and adoring the greatness of the nature arouse sightseers the feeling that all fatigue seem to be eased. Silver Waterfall belongs …

Tram Ton Pass

Tram Ton Pass Sapa, The Ideal Destination

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Tram Ton Pass belong to Sapa, the most picturesque mountainous town being well-recognized in the world, from the highest peak near the border between two provinces, Lao Cai and Lai Chau, right on the highway 4D crossing the Hoang Lien Son Mountain range. Tram Ton Pass is the signature symbol of harmony between the majestic …

Sapa Church

Sapa Church, The Cultural Symbol of Sapa

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Sapa Church ocated in the heart of Sapa town, the church is always a tourism attraction built by French in the early 20th century. The church is on a favorable location with Ham Rong Mountain behind, in front of a large and flat land, enable to develop many cultural works for commune activities. Standing on …

Sapa Market

Sapa Market, The Indispensable Custom Made of Sapa Culture

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Sapa Market, the indispensable custom made of Sapa culture, is the idea destination for tourists visiting Sapa. Coming to the town of Sapa, visitors are absolutely immersed in the colorful cultural space, to attend the market with full of laughs, singing, and busy bustling atmosphere every Saturday evening in love market. Although there are a …

Muong Hoa valley

Muong Hoa Valley – Ancient Stone Sapa, The Beauty of Nature

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Muong Hoa valley is located in Hau Thao commune, taking 8 km from Sa Pa town in the Southeast. It is not surprising that Muong Hoa valley is the most selective destination for tourists immersing in its natural beauty. Typically, the ancient stone with various engraved images, lying between the grass and the terrace fields …

Sapa Love Market

Sapa Love Market and Love Waterfall, The Places of Love

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If once come to Sapa, Sapa Love market and Love Waterfall are two unforgettable destinations for couples through unique cultures of tribe people in here. Sapa Love Market Tourists enjoy the beauty of Sa Pa not only through Love Waterfall but also Love market usually held every Saturday evening with many special activities. At the …

Ham Rong Mountain

Ham Rong Mountain, The Most Attractive Place in Sapa

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One of the most well-recognized destinations in Sapa to rest and travel is Ham Rong Mountain, located in the center of Sapa town, a reputable district for tourism of Sapa town in Lao Cai Province. From the Sapa church to Ham Rong Mountain takes 1,800 meters in height, sank in fanciful clouds, painting a marvelous …