Ba Be lake

Ba Be Lake In The Northeast of Vietnam

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Ba Be Lake is one of the largest natural freshwater lakes in the North and it is ranked by UNESCO as one of the top 20 most beautiful freshwater lakes in the world to be protected and developed. This travel guide about Northeast of Vietnam will offer helpful information about Ba Be Lake for travelers. …

northeast vietnam

Travel Guide About Northeast Vietnam

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Possessing a broad range of appealing and magnificent landscapes, Northeast Vietnam will be an unforgettable choice for visitors on their vacation itinerary. Besides, coming to Northeast, visitors also have opportunities to experience various unique cultural activities, enjoy great dishes or release their emotions. This travel guide about Northeast Vietnam will provide the most crucial instructions …

Meo Vac town

Meo Vac Town in Ha Giang Province, Northeast Vietnam

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Somebody said that a trip to Ha Giang Province will not be fulfilled without paying a visit to Meo Vac Town. Possessing appealing tourist attractions like Ma Pi Leng Pass, culture-tourism villages of Mong Ethnic Group (in Ta Lung B) & Lo Lo Ethnic Group (in Sang Pa A), and Khau Vai Love Fair, Meo …

Ma Pi Leng Pass

Ma Pi Leng Pass, Admire The Magnificent Scenery

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With the rugged terrain and the magnificent scenery, Ma Pi Leng Pass is one of “Four Great Passes” in the Northwest Region of Vietnam (along with O Quy Ho Pass, Pha Din Pass, and Khau Pha Pass). This is the most anticipated place to conquer of many backpackers once travelling to Ha Giang Province. Ma …

Lung Cu Flag Tower

Lung Cu Flag Tower, The Northernmost point of Vietnam

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Lung Cu Flag Tower is considered as one of “four great wonders” in Ha Giang Province, along with Dong Van Plateau, The Edifice of Vuong Family, and Happiness Road. This is also the northernmost point, one in four poles defining the shape of Vietnamese map. Lung Cu flag tower is a national flag tower situated …

Hoang Su Phi

Hoang Su Phi in Ha Giang – Vietnam National Heritage

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The golden colors of rice terraced fields in Hoang Su Phi always hold considerable appeal which is hard to resist for any backpackers and photographers. Recognized as Vietnam National Heritage in 2012, Hoang Su Phi is not only known by Vietnamese people but has also become widely renowned by foreign visitors. Hoang Su Phi is …

Dong Van karst plateau

Dong Van Karst Plateau, Global Geopark in Vietnam

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Dong Van Karst Plateau is a special limestone area in Vietnam containing the indelible imprint on the development of the earth’s crust. Paying a visit to Dong Van Karsk Plateau opens up an opportunity to challenge your courage because you have to pass through towering mountains and abyss. Nevertheless, you will have beautiful days to …

Ban Gioc waterfall

Ban Gioc Waterfall – The Forth Largest Waterfall

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Located at the border of Vietnam and China, Ban Gioc Waterfall is considered as the fourth largest waterfall along a national border, after Iguazu Falls (Brazil – Argentina), Victoria Falls (Zambia – Zimbabwe), and Niagara Falls (Canada – America). Ban Gioc waterfall is one of the most beautiful waterfalls not only in Vietnam but also …

Ba Be National Park

Ba Be National Park, An Ideal Place for Eco Tourism

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Possessing many tourist routes with striking natural landscapes like majestic caves, tranquil rivers, and impressive waterfalls, Ba Be National Park is an ideal destination in Northeast Vietnam for various types of tourism such as eco-tourism, adventure tourism, and traditional tourism. Ba Be National Park is at longitude 105°36′55″ east and at latitude 22°24′19″ north. The …