beaches near nha trang city

Beaches Near Nha Trang City – Nha Trang Travel Guide

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1) Doc Let Beach Doc Let beach is one of the most beautiful beaches near Nha Trang city. Doc Let is a graceful beach in Ninh Hai Ward, Ninh Hoa Town, Khanh Hoa Province, which is about 50 km along the North of Nha Trang city. The main attractions of Doc Let are the rustic …

Emperor Cruise

Emperor Cruise, The Luxurious Ship in Nha Trang

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When the sun goes down, the Emperor Cruise will start the journey to discover the coastal city of Nha Trang. From here, tourists will enjoy the most beautiful sunset while enjoying the cocktail, and sophisticated dinner, harmonizing with the elegant and romantic sounds of guitars and violins under the stars, moonlight and the glittering lights …

Cai River

Cai River, The Traditional Rustic Beauty of Nha Trang

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Cai River is also known as Phu Loc River or Cu River, has a length of about 79km, originating from the peak of Chu-Tgo with 1,475m in height, flowing through the districts of Khanh Vinh, Dien Khanh, Nha Trang City. Diving to the sea in Cua Lon, the lower section of Nha Trang about 10 …

Dien Khanh Citadel

Dien Khanh Citadel, The Historical Relic of Nha Trang

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Dien Khanh citadel is the famous historical and cultural monument in Dien Khanh town, Khanh Hoa Province, where many important historical events took place. At present, Dien Khanh citadel still retains the ancient architecture, attracting a lot of tourists to discover the historical value from the Nguyen dynasty in here. Dien Khanh citadel is taking …

Fairy Mountain

Fairy Mountain, The Magical Creature of Nha Trang

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Fairy mountain is Located in the northwest of the city, the fairy mountain is as high as the storm windbreakers of the Nha Trang coastal city, representing for the natural beauty of Nha Trang. Referring to Nha Trang, Khanh Hoa, tourists immediately think of the image of sunshine, white sand and blue ocean, and rarely …

Van Phong Bay

Van Phong Bay, The Most Beautiful Bay in Nha Trang

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Van Phong Bay is about 60 km from north of Nha Trang City, is one of the 10 most beautiful bays in Vietnam. Coming here tourists will not forget the beauty of the pristine blue and white water with the vast stretch of white beaches, many islands, peninsula and nature with vibrant colors in Van …

Ninh Van Bay

Ninh Van Bay, The Coastal 60km from Nha Trang city

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Ninh Van Bay, a small, beautiful island of Nha Trang Bay, is the ideal destination for tourists escaping from the bustle of the city, the rhythm of life and enjoy the feeling of absolute peace in nature because of its romantic beauty with sunshine, blue sea and crystal-clear water all the year. Ninh Van bay …

Nhu Tien beach

Nhu Tien beach, Nha Trang City

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Nhu Tien beach, the place preserves the wild beauty and tranquility of Nha Trang coastal sea for relaxation Nhu Tien beach is considered as one of the few newly reputable beautiful beaches in Nha Trang located on the route from Cam Ranh Airport to Ho Chi Minh City, and about 10km from the center of …

Dài Beach

Dài Beach Nha Trang, The Enchanting Natural Beauty

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Dài Beach is one of the beautiful beaches in Nha Trang, because located quite far from the city, Dài Beach still reserves the tranquility and wild beauty, attracting a lot of tourists coming to discover. Dài beach is the coastal strip about 10 km, located between Cam Ranh Airport and Nha Trang beach city. From …

Tranh Beach

Tranh Beach, The Magical Nature of Nha Trang

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Tranh Beach located on the island of Tri Nguyen in Nha Trang Bay is one of the beautiful beaches of Nha Trang city that attracts thousands of tourists annually. This beach as 500m in length surrounded by the wild mountains. Tranh beach possesses its own unique beauty, with white sand stretching on one side and …