beaches near Hue city

Beaches Near Hue City – Hue Travel Guide

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1) Thuan An Beach Looking for beaches near Hue city? Thuan An beach is quite famous for those who love Hue. One of the special things that makes Thuan An Beach passionate tourists is that the scenery is changing in each season, due to the influence of climate. The smooth white sandbanks are completely free …

Hue Garden Houses

Hue Garden Houses, The Ideal Places for Relaxing

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Along with Perfume River, Trang Tien Bridge, Hue temples and mausoleums, Hue Garden Houses also contributes greatly to the natural beauty of Hue. If tourists have a chance to visit Hue, coming to the garden houses, tourists will have opportunities to discover many interesting things in here, especially for those who love to learn about …

Ngu Binh Mountain

Ngu Binh Mountain, The Romantic Beauty of Hue

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Along with Perfume River, Ngu Binh Mountain is a wonderful symbol of Hue, an ideal destination for visitors who love nature, and want to enjoy the fresh climate in here. Ngu Binh Mountain is about 3km from Hue city. Ngu Binh is the majestic mountain with 105m in height, the trapezoid shape, and flat peak, …

Vong Canh Hill

Vong Canh Hill, An Attractive Tourist Destination in Hue

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Located in a few kilometers from Ngu Binh Mountain, 7km from center of Hue City, Vong Canh Hill is another attractive Hue tourism sight, standing gracefully looking to the Perfume River, and Ngoc Tran mountain. Vong Canh Hill is considered as the place where ancient kings chose to stop and relax. The hill has 43 …

Hue Citadel

Hue Citadel, The Historical Beauty of Hue

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Hue Citadel located in Ngo Mon Gate, center of the Hue city, is the most famous tourism attraction in Hue, with a population of imperial architecture preserving on historical relics in here, including Hoang Thanh and Tu Cam Thanh. History of Hue Citadel was built in 1804 under Gia Long King, in 1833 was completed …

Truong Tien Bridge

Truong Tien Bridge, The Unique Beauty of Hue

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Truong Tien Bridge located in the north of Phu Hoa Ward, in the south of Phu Hoi Ward, Hue City, Thua Thien Hue Province, The Bridge is a graceful reflection on the Perfume River over 115 years ago, witnessed the ups and downs of the historic events of the Hue ancient capital, is one of …

Bach Ma National Park

Bach Ma National Park, The Fancy Mountainous Beauty

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Bach Ma National Park located in Phu Loc District, Thua Thien Hue Province, about 40km away from Hue city, Bach Ma National Park is one of the most tourism attractions in Hue that conserve the biodiversity of Vietnamese fauna and flora of the transition region in the North and the South Vietnam. Bach Ma also …

Thien Mu Pagoda

Thien Mu Pagoda, A Wonderful Historical Work in Hue

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As a temple associated with the monuments and attractions of Hue ancient capital, Thien Mu Pagoda is famous and attractive for tourists not only by the legendary mystery, but also an ancient beauty creating the poetic peacefulness in here. Located on the left bank of the Perfume River, in the romantic Ha Khe hill, covered …

Thuy Bieu Eco Village

Thuy Bieu Eco Village, The Place For Natural Lovers

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Referring to Hue, tourists cannot forget to enjoy experiential activities at Thuy Bieu Eco Village. Thuy Bieu Eco Village is the village in the heart of the city with a simple and peaceful beauty, where tourists will be relaxed with herbal juice and enjoy the specialty dishes with the flavor of the Hue ancient capital. …

Dong Ba Market

Dong Ba Market, Biggest Commercial Center in Hue

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Dong Ba Market located along the North bank of the Perfume River, on Tran Hung Dao Street, Hue City, about 100 meters from North of Truong Tien Bridge, is the biggest commercial center of Thua Thien Hue province. In the early 20th century, Dong Ba market was repaired many times but still maintained the ancient …