charity organizations in the central vietnam

Charity Organizations in The Central Vietnam

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Central Vietnam often suffers from natural disasters, there are many disadvantaged children and people need help. That’s why there’re a lot of names in the list of Charity Organizations in the Central Vietnam. Let’s check it out. 1) SOS Da Nang Children Village SOS Children’s Village Da Nang is located 6km from the center of …

Vo Kinh Van An

Vo Kinh Van An, The Hue Famous Dojo

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Located on the route to Khai Dinh Mausoleum, Vo Kinh Van An dojo is the address of the unique martial arts experience in Hue ancient capital. From there, the first interesting gift that tourists received is the calligraphy with the meaningful words conveying the good values in life as well as the philosophy of martial …

Hue city

Hue City, A Tourism Destination of Tranquility

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Hue city situated in the narrow strip of the central Vietnam, rich in natural landscapes and rich in historical-cultural traditions, Hue is a truly beautiful city representing for the unique beauty of Vietnam with marvelous natural landscapes and rich historical and cultural value. Hue city is located between the central land strips, Quang Tri and …

Hue Craft Villages

Hue Craft Villages, A Different Specialty of Hue

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Reminded to Hue ancient capital, imaginations of traditional values from the ancient mausoleums, natural beauty of the Truong Tien bridge across the gentle Perfume river, delicate Hue royal dishes, …, all appear as Hue specialties in the heart of tourists once coming to the peaceful land in the center of Vietnam, the elegant Hue. Taking …

Hue Weather

Hue Weather – Best Time to Travel

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Overview of Hue weather Hue is situated in Central Vietnam on the banks of the Perfume River, borders Quang Tri in the north, Da Nang in the south, Truong Son Mountain Range in the west and East Vietnam Sea in the east. Hue weather is characterized by tropical climate and also affected by climate change …