beaches near Hanoi

Beaches Near Hanoi City – Hanoi Travel Guide

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1) Quan Lan Beach Quan Lan beach is one of beaches near Hanoi which attracts tourists not only by the wild beauty but also by fresh seafood, which is one of the beaches chosen by tourists in recent years. In order to enjoy the full charming of Quan Lan, you should choose the ideal time …

Vietnam Itinerary 1 Week

Vietnam Itinerary 1 Week – Best Travel Guide

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Wondering where to visit with Vietnam Itinerary 1 week? Southeast Asia is one of the oldest and most visited tourist destinations in the world. More and more tourists are choosing Vietnam as a tourist destination – perhaps because Vietnam owns one of the most beautiful beaches and also because of its admiration for a small country …

charity organizations in Hanoi

Charity Organizations In Hanoi – Most Updated

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Charity is one of humanitarian activities, helping those who have difficulties in life. In Vietnam, more and more charities are set up, with the aim of helping, sharing and spreading good values. Charity organizations range from north to south. Let’s have a look at below 10 popular charity organizations in Hanoi! 1) Blue Dragon   …

motorbike driving places in North Vietnam

Motorbike Driving Places in North Vietnam

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Looking for motorbike driving places in North Vietnam? With beautiful natural scenery and challenging roads, the North Vietnam is a popular destination for many people. With starting point from Hanoi, North West and long way to North East, these are extremely beautiful roads but also very difficult to go. You will experience the feeling of …

biking places around Hanoi

Biking Places Around Hanoi – Best Travel Tips

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Looking for biking places around Hanoi? Hanoi, the cultural capital of Vietnam, is absolutely a famous travelling city. There are various activities for tourists when travelling to Hanoi and one of the most interesting activities is biking to rural villages, peaceful places around the city so that you can experience the true beauty and the …

food in Hanoi

Best Food in Hanoi – What To Eat

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Vietnam has various cuisines which are different in the different regions and Hanoi must be the city with most authentic Vietnamese food. Especially, Hanoi is famous for street dishes and Hanoi Old Quarter is one of the best destinations for tasting street specialties in the city. If you wonder what to eat in Hanoi, the …

Beautiful Parks in Hanoi

Discover 10 Most Beautiful Parks in Hanoi

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Hanoi is acknowledged as the place for love with over 70 flower gardens and parks in Hanoi, of which some reputable parks ranked in the 10 most beautiful parks in Hanoi by tourists are Hoa Binh, Thong Nhat, Thu Le, Yen So, Nghia Do, Cau Giay, Indira Gandhi … Let’s explore the 10 most beautiful …

Top 10 good restaurants in Hanoi Old quarters

Top 10 Good Restaurants in Hanoi Old quarters

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The cuisine can tell you a lot about a city or a country. Coming to Hanoi, the foreign travellers can get overwhelmed by too many restaurants with delicious foods from plain to sophisticated, cheap to pricey. Below is the list of top 10 good restaurants in Hanoi Old quarters with particular features which are recommended …

Golf Resorts Near Hanoi

Golf Resorts Near Hanoi

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You’re living or travelling to Ha Noi and you have a passion for playing Golf . But you don’t  have any ideas about where to go, so this artical is for you. To meet the needs for people who play golf which is growing fast, the golf tries to upgrade infrastructure, as well as improve …

10 Fascinating Shopping Places in Hanoi

10 Fascinating Shopping Places in Hanoi

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When visiting Hanoi, foreign tourists definitely have to go shopping to satisfy their craving, for the reason that Hanoi is acknowledged as the “shopping paradise”. In this article below, we will introduce to you the best places to shop in Hanoi that visitors can not miss when visiting Hanoi. 1) Trang Tien Plaza A high-end …