Dong Xanh Park

Dong Xanh Park, The Natural Treasure of Gia Lai

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Appearing in the immense rice fields of the An Phu commune, outside the Pleiku city, Gia Lai province, Dong Xanh park is considered as the miniature picture of the mountain and forests Central Highlands, preserving full of traditional features in the daily life of the people here. With an area of 8 hectares, Dong Xanh park …

Pleiku Prison

Pleiku Prison in Pleiku City, Central Highlands

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Pleiku prison is the historical relic witnesses many horrible drawbacks from the Vietnamese war against the French colonalists. Located right in the center of Pleiku city, Pleiku Prison is one of the tourist attractions Gia Lai province for many tourists because of its special architectures that maintain the historical value of the Central Highlands built …

Central Highlands

Central Highlands, The Majestic and Mysterious Beauty

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Traveling to the Central Highlands, tourists will not only admire the beautiful landscapes in five provinces, Kon Tum, Gia Lai, Dak Lak, Dak Nong and Lam Dong, but also experience the life of ethnic people such as Ba Na, Gia Rai, Ede, Co Ho, Ma, Xo Dang, and enjoy the local specialties. For tourists coming …