Cham Yang Prong tower

Cham Yang Prong Tower, Buon Ma Thuot

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Cham Yang Prong Tower appears as the magical work that contribute to the cultural value of the Central Highlands. Once away from the remote region, Cham Yang Prong located in a forest in the area of Earok commune, Easup district, Dak Lak province, taking the provincial road No. 1 to the Northwest about 100km, tourists …

Yok Don National Park

Yok Don National Park in Buon Me Thuot City

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Yok Don national park in Buon Don district, Ea Sup district, Dak Lak province, taking 40 km from northwest of Buon Ma Thuot city, is one of the largest area preserving natural sources in the country with a total area of 115,545ha. Yok Don National Park is the ideal destination for tourists, because this is …

Co Thon Village

Co Thon Village, The Coffee Village in Buon Ma Thuot

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Co Thon village, for the coffee fragrance, one of the most featured treasures of the Central Highlands. located at the end of Tran Nhat Duat str, 2 km north of Buon Ma Thuot city center, Co Thon village is not only the ideal destination for tourists thanks to its reputation as the king village of …

Lak Lake

Lak Lake in Buon Ma Thuot, Central Highlands

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Lak Lake located on the traffic road between Buon Ma Thuot City and Da Lat Town, in Lien Son Town, Lak District, Dak Lak Province, about 56km from south of Buon Ma Thuot City along Highway 27, is the beautiful landscape of the Central Highlands nurshing many organism of Dak Lak, as well as storing …

Victory Monument

Victory Monument in Buon Ma Thuot City

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Victory monument is the historical symbol of Buon Ma Thuot from the war against French colonialists Right at Buon Ma Thuot six crossroad, the starting point of three center streets of the city: Phan Chu Trinh, No Trang Long and Le Duan, in the sixth junction, tourists will be impressed immediately when encountering the Victory …

Khai Doan Pagoda

Khai Doan Pagoda, The Historical Relic in Dak Lak

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Along with Bao Dai Palace, Dinh Lac Pagoda, House exiled Buon Ma Thuot, Khai Doan Pagoda is an attractive destination for tourists as well as the reputable historical and cultural relic of Daklak, Buon Me Thuot City. This is the temple of Vietnam living in Dak Lak built in 1951-1953 on a large expanse of …

House Exiled Buon Ma Thuot

House Exiled Buon Ma Thuot, Dak Lak Province

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House exiled Buon Ma Thuot, the historical relics witness the very first stage of Vietnamese resistance against the colonial French right at Dak Lak province, Central Highlands. House exiled Buon Ma Thuot, located in Buon Ma Thuot, Dak Lak province is not only evidence of the crimes of the Imperial French but also the reputable …

Dray Nur Waterfall

Dray Nur Waterfall, Dak Lak Province

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Dray Nur Waterfall is the majestic beauty of the Central Highlands as the gift of nature between Dak Lak and Dak Nong provinces When coming to the city of Buon Ma Thuot plateau, Dak Lak province, for tourists who passionate in nature discovery, the romantic and mystical beauty of the majestic waterfall in the Central …

Don Village

Don Village, Dak Lak Province in Central Highlands

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Don Village, the very charming legendary land associated with the long history of the Central Highlands development. Don village is located at the western edge of Dak Lak province, crossing by the poetic Serepôk River, is the legendary land being famous for hunting and domesticating elephants, possessing the very rich and diverse cultural identity as …

Dak Lak Museum

Dak Lak Museum, Central Highlands Vietnam

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Located in the heart of Buon Ma Thuot City, Dak Lak Museum is like a miniature of the Central Highlands with more than 9,000 square meters of lush greenery in the center of the museum, attracting a large number of domestic and foreign tourists for its unique architecture as well as the historical and cultural …