Canyoning in Da Lat Near Datanla Waterfall

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About 5km from Da Lat city, it is not too difficult to find a place with many natural exploring activities and experience the unique Canyoning tourism in Vietnam. Located in the Datanla waterfall resort, surrounded by pristine forest, the cascading waterfalls bring a strong image of the flowing white foam. Canyoning tour is the ideal …

French Village

French Village, Da Lat Historical Beauty

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French village, one of the most ancient villas in Da Lat, attracts a lot of tourists coming here for its own specific architecture harmonizing with fresh climate, creating the true fairy land to be discovered. Da Lat city, the reputable tourist attraction for its natural scenery, and the cool climate all year round, is an …

Lat Village

Lat Village, The Traditional Resonance in Da Lat

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Lat village is ocated at the foot of the majestic Lang Biang mountain, in Lac Duong district, where Lach ethnic people, the first inhabitants of the beautiful plateau Da Lat city living is the place to stop you, learn ideal destination to learn more about the people and culture of Da Lat through many exciting …

Hydrangeas Garden

Hydrangeas Garden, An Interesting Place in Da Lat

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Hydrangeas garden is a very interesting destination in Da Lat city to capture the beautiful natural moments in Da Lat. Located less than 15 km from the center of Dalat, in Xuan Tho commune, Lam Dong province, Hydrangeas garden is a very interesting place to take beautiful photos. With area over 2 hectares Hydrangeas garden …

Da Lat clay tunnel

Da Lat Clay Tunnel, Traditional Value From Architecture

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Da Lat clay tunnel formed in the midst of a 500 m2 area on a sloping hill overlooking to Tuyen Lam lake, with a 100 square of land surrounded by ancient trees, and the deer farm near the stream creates curiosity for any tourists first coming to Da Lat. Da Lat clay tunnel was made …

Cau Dat Tea Hill

Cau Dat Tea Hill, The Popular Destination in Da Lat

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About 25 km from Da Lat city center, Cau Dat Tea Hill is a popular destination for many young people in the misty city. In addition to admire the tranquil and majestic scenery of tea hills and nurseries cover up to 220 hectares, an interesting experience for tourists when coming to Cau Dat is the …

Cam Ly Waterfall

Cam Ly Waterfall, The Beautiful Attraction in Da Lat

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One of the most marvelous experience about the beauty of Da Lat also performs in Cam Ly Waterfall that tourists should not be missed when reminding to Da Lat. Da Lat appears as the beautiful natural landscapes with beautiful flowers blooming all year round, the ancient beauty of temples and pagodas in the heart of …

Van Thanh flower village

Van Thanh Flower Village, The Largest One in Da Lat

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Van Thanh flower village is taking 3 km far from Dalat city center, known as Dalat largest flower village. From ten years ago, Ha Nam residents migrated to Da Lat, and established Van Thanh flower village. Despite of steep terrain in the form of stairs, this village is still the main flower supply sources for …

Golden Stream

Golden Stream, The Magical Creature in Da Lat

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From the center of Da Lat city to Golden Stream is about 17 kilometers from north towards Lac Duong, crossing the narrow road and the vast pine forest, tourists will be immersed in the magical nature. Standing on the top of Radar at 1950 meters, they can admire the panorama of the Golden Stream with Dankia …

XQ Su Quan Art Gallery

XQ Su Quan Art Gallery, The Essence of Da Lat Culture

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For tourists who passionate about natural paintings, XQ Su Quan Art Gallery is located at 80 Mai Anh Dao Ward 8, Da Lat City, Lam Dong Province is the undeniable destination to discover in the journey to Da Lat. Coming here, tourists are immersed in the space of the embroidery and admire the hand-embroidered delicate …