Thanh Gia mountain peak

Thanh Gia Mountain Peak “The Rooftop of Con Dao”

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Located in the southwest of Con Son Island, from Con Son town to Thanh Gia mountain peak about 3 km and to the top of the mountain about 6 km with total area of about 2 ha, Thanh Gia mountain peak is the highest mountain in Con Dao being famous for its romantic and elegant …

Dam Tre Bay

Explore The Wild Beauty of Dam Tre Bay in Con Dao

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Located in the northeast of Con Son, only 3km from Con Son Airport, Dam Tre Bay impresses anyone first visiting here with the fresh and elegant beauty from the bamboo and mangrove forests hiding many interesting and mysterious things of nature and wild beauty waiting tourists to discover. Dam Tre Bay possesses the harmonious beauty …

Island Spirit Palace

The Magnificent Island Spirit Palace in Con Dao

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Referring to the Island Spirit Palace in Con Dao located on an area of nearly 30,000m2 in front of Hang Duong cemetery, this place appears in the Vietnamese people’ hearts as the significant contribution of Con Dao residents’ efforts, belief, and dedication for their spiritual culture in the beautiful island, Con Dao for more than …

Dam Trau beach

Dam Trau Beach, the Blue Oasis in Con Dao Island

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Dam Trau Beach located near the Co Ong airport, at the edge of Con Dao National Park and about 14 km from Con Dao, as one of the most attractive destination in the Con Dao islands, this area will bring tourists new experiences about the best shelter in the summer. On the journey to explore …

White Stone Lighthouse

White Stone Lighthouse, The Ecological Life in Con Dao

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Located in Con Son, Con Dao Island, Ba Ria Vung Tau, nearly international maritime lane, White stone lighthouse is the frontal line of the country connecting Vung Tau, Ho Chi Minh City and the southwestern coasts, acting as a landmark in the sea to ensure the safety and security of international vessels. From Con Dao …

Con Dao prison

Visiting Con Dao Prison “The Hell on Earth” in Vietnam

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Being acknowledged as the “hell on earth” in Vietnam, Con Dao prison located on Con Lon Island, Con Dao District, Ba Ria Vung Tau Province is the system of prisons built by the French in order to contain particularly dangerous jails for colonialism. So far, thanks to the efforts of people on the island together …

Phu Tuong Con Dao Camp

Phu Tuong Con Dao Camp (French Tiger Cage)

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Located in Nguyen Hue, Con Dao, Ba Ria – Vung Tau, Vietnam, in the whole Con Dao prison system, Phu Tuong Con Dao camp was considered as the most mysterious area that the colonists had built in Vietnam. For the purpose of creating clusters around the tiger cage isolation to torture and torment the revolutionary …

Con Dao museum

Con Dao Museum, The Fierceness of the Vietnam War

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Located opposite to the historic 914 Pier, near the French Tiger Cage monument, Con Dao museum is one of the most significant historical site that closely associated with Con Dao histories through its valuable relics preserved in here. Con Dao museum is built on 2 hectares of land, with a construction area of 3,570 square …

Con Son Bay

Con Son Bay, A Pristine Paradise in Con Dao

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Con Son Bay located about 177 km from Southeast of Vietnam, with pristine beaches, golden sand beaches and deep blue water. Being famous as the largest island in Con Dao, Con Son Bay always attracts tourists for its historical value converged with beautiful and pristine nature. Coming to Con Son bay, tourists will extremely impress …

Attractions in Con Dao Island

Discover 13 Natural Attractions in Con Dao Island

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What Attractions in Con Dao Island to visit? Referring to Con Dao Island, in the eyes of Vietnamese and foreign tourists, this place is not only a natural paradise for relaxation but also carries out significant historical values related to Vietnamese wars presented by many historical landmarks where Vietnamese residents and soldiers sacrificed for the …