Vietnam weather in December

Vietnam Weather in December – Best Time to Visit

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Vietnam weather in December – North Vietnam Winter in the North begin in November, December and lasted for 3 months. Although, the weather in December is cold (below 19°C) but it’s still suitable to walk around. Enjoying the cold of the north is one of the pleasures of the South. Because in this period, the …

vietnam weather in november

Vietnam Weather in November – Best Time To visit

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Vietnam weather in November – North Vietnam November is the beginning of the winter with the winds, the weather become a bit cold with heavy rains and the sun is less intense. So, traveling at this time visitors must pay attention to keeping the body warm. Although the air is cold, visitors can stroll around …

Vietnam Weather in October

Vietnam Weather in October – Best Time To Visit

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Vietnam Weather in October – North Vietnam In October, the weather in the North is still in the autumn so it will be colder (26°C), very suitable for travelers wandering on the streets. And when being asked about the best tourism time in the north of Vietnam, surely many people will not hesitate to answer …

Vietnam Weather in September

Vietnam Weather in September – Best Time to Visit

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Vietnam Weather in September – North Vietnam In the north of Vietnam, every month is a surprise, every month is a gift. And September brings the north the gift of autumn, gentle, elegant but extremely unforgettable with average temperature is around 28 °C. Vietnam Weather in September – Central Vietnam This is the rainy season. …

Vietnam Weather in August

Vietnam Weather in August – Best Time to Visit

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Vietnam Weather in August – North Vietnam August is the time to signal fall season, the temperature is still high (30°C) but thanks to the wind blowing through the air so less stuffy. However, this month also often appear heavy rains so when traveling to the north, visitors should prepare raincoat and wear the short-sleeved …

Vietnam Weather in July

Vietnam Weather in July – Best Time to Visit

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Vietnam Weather in July – North Vietnam The north of Vietnam in July has sunshine with blue sky, high temperatures (37 degree celsius) and sometimes light winds make the weather is cooler, it’s a bit hot but sunny. Vietnam Weather in July – Central Vietnam July is still hot as in June, but the temperature …

Vietnam weather in June

Vietnam Weather in June – Best Time To Visit

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Vietnam weather in June – North Vietnam Climate in June in the north of Vietnam will become more severe, high temperature (38-40°C) and prolonged heat. However, the special attraction to many visitors in this month is the Sapa rice fields and many gorgeous beaches in other cities. Vietnam weather in June – Central Vietnam June …

Vietnam Weather in May

Vietnam Weather in May – Best Time To Visit

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Vietnam Weather in May – North Vietnam May is the beginning of summer so the weather is quite cool, the temperature is only about 24 – 30 degree Celsius and occasional rain make the weather cooler. Vietnam Weather in May – Central Vietnam May is the beginning of the hot season in the central of …

Vietnam Weather in April

Vietnam Weather in April – Best Time To Visit

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Vietnam Weather in April – North Vietnam April is the most variable month of the year with average temperature rising from 22 – 27 degree Celsius and cool weather. This time is very suitable for visitors to let your hair down after working hard. Vietnam Weather in April – Central Vietnam April is an official …

Vietnam Weather in March

Vietnam Weather in March – Best Time To Visit

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Vietnam Weather in March – North Vietnam The weather in March is very suitable for tourists to travel because the temperature is always kept at an appropriate level, not too hot nor too cold with average temperature is 19 °C. Vietnam Weather in March – Central Vietnam March is the time of cool weather and less …