reasons to visit myanmar

Reasons To Visit Myanmar, The Land Of Mystery

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There are many reasons to visit Myanmar. With thousands of ancient temples spread all over the country, Myanmar brings to visitors the feeling of a peaceful atmosphere. Coming to Myanmar, you will have the opportunity to visit the ancient Yangon capital; Inle Lake with beautiful scenery; the city of Mandalay with attractions such as Shwenandaw …

famous food in Myanmar

Most Famous Food in Myanmar That You Should Try

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Although Myanmar cuisine is influenced by India, China, Thailand and the culinary cultures of many ethnic minorities, its cuisine still has own characteristics. Not only people, culture, landscapes but also food of this Southeast Asia country attracts a lot of people to learn and enjoy. The food of Myanmar tourism has a rich ingredients and …

Places to Visit In Bago

Places to Visit In Bago, Myanmar (Burma)

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Wondering what places to visit in Bago, Myanmar? Bago is a place with many ancient architectural works with historical value attracts many people every year. Bago was formerly the capital of Myanmar, its name was Pegu, and was completely separate from the sea. Bago has owned many famous temples, huge statues and unique Buddhist architecture. …


Overview Of Bago – Travel Guide For Your Trip

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Location Bago, known as Hantharwaddy, it was the capital of the Mon kingdom. Bago is located 80km north of Yangon, the capital of Bago Prefecture. The city is located on both sides of the Ayearwady river, on the east side is the Old Quarter and and the west side is the New Quarter. The city …