reasons to visit myanmar

Reasons To Visit Myanmar, The Land Of Mystery

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There are many reasons to visit Myanmar. With thousands of ancient temples spread all over the country, Myanmar brings to visitors the feeling of a peaceful atmosphere. Coming to Myanmar, you will have the opportunity to visit the ancient Yangon capital; Inle Lake with beautiful scenery; the city of Mandalay with attractions such as Shwenandaw …

Htilominlo Temple

Htilominlo Temple, One of The Oldest Temple in Bagan

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Located about 1.5km south of Bagan center, the Htilominlo temple is one of the five oldest ancient pagodas in Bagan. This temple is the symbol of temples and pagodas of Myanmar. Featuring majestic structure, the Htilominlo temple has three storeys, 46 meters high, and well preserved. Traveling to Myanmar, in addition to the glittering golden …

Dhammayazika Pagoda

Dhammayazika Pagoda in Bagan, Myanmar

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Dhammayazika pagoda is a pagoda located in central Bagan, region of Myanmar. According to the documents, this pagoda was built in 1197, by King Narapatisithu. After that, this pagoda was renovated and restore in 1990s. However, because of this renovation, some of the solitary architecture of this pagoda has not been preserved until today. This …

Shwegugyi Temple

Shwegugyi Temple in Bagan, Myanmar

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Shwegugyi temple is famous for its Buddha image inside the temple as well as the wooden doors. It is said that, there was a big brick block germinated from the ground to return the eminence of the King. The Shwegugyi temple is situated in front of the Bagan Palace. The Shwegugyi temple was constructed in …

Sulamani Temple

Sulamani Temple in Bagan, Myanmar

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Sulamani Temple is located between the empty field, far from the main road, built by King Sithu II in 1183, where some frescoes are still preserved, but unfortunately the restoration has lost many of the ancient features of the temple. Sulamani temple is the only temple in Bagan with two rows of leaves along the …

shwesandaw pagoda

Shwesandaw Pagoda, A Most Important Stupa in Bagan

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The Shwesandaw pagoda is one of the most important pilgrimage sites in Myanmar. The Shwesandaw pagoda is a stupa which is 328 ft high. The temple is only a few years younger than Shwedadong in Yangon. It was constructed in 1057 by King Anawrahta. One corner of this complex is to worship King Bayinaung (also …

Gawdawpalin Temple

Gawdawpalin Temple, The Beautiful Religious Building

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The Gawdawpalin temple is one of the most beautiful religious buildings in Myanmar. The temple has more than 800 years of history is a favorite destination of many visitors. The Gawdawpalin temple has a similar architecture to the design of the Thatbyinnyu, the Htilominlo and Sulamani temples. Although there are many connotations behind the name …

Thatbyinnyu Temple

Thatbyinnyu Temple – The Unique Architecture

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The Thatbyinnyu temple is considered the highest temple in Bagan you may visit in your trip. Bagan is a destination which should not be missed by tourists exploring Burma. Traveling to Bagan, tourists can come back to the history of hundreds of years ago with the majestic and ancient temples. In 1975, the Thatbyinnyu temple …

Dhammayangyi Temple

Dhammayangyi Temple, The Preserved Ruins in Bagan

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The Dhammayangyi Temple is one of the ruins in the list of more than two thousand preserved ruins of the archaeological site of Myanmar. This is a valuable piece of research describing Buddhism’s history, culture and politics. This unfinished temple is an interesting tourist destination for travelers traveling to Myanmar. The Dhammayangyi Temple was constructed …

Shwezigon Pagoda

Shwezigon Pagoda, The Sacred Gold Pagoda in Burma

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Unlike many other temples and pagodas in Bagan, which are built between the plains, Shwezigon pagoda is built on a sand dune (the meaning of Shwezigon is the pagoda on a sand dune). Shwezigon is considered the first and the most sacred gold pagoda in Myanmar. Traveling to Myanmar’s temples and pagodas bypassing Shwezigon is …