best places to visit in Myanmar

Best Places To Visit In Myanmar (Burma)

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Myanmar (formerly Burma) was known as the Golden Land for its abundant resources. This is a Buddhist country with tens of thousands of temples, pagodas, temples, and preserved historical experience and cultural tradition. Located in the northwest of the Sino-Indian Peninsula, Myanmar is considered as an attractive destination for international visitors in recent years. Below …

Weather in Myanmar

Weather in Myanmar – Best Time To Travel

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How is the weather in Myanmar? When travelling, it is crucial to know in advance how the weather is going be like, so that you will not waste your time by coming to the destination and spending the whole day in your hotel room because it is raining outside, or it is too hot and …

Myanmar Visa

Myanmar Visa – Guide Before You Travel

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Myanmar visa is the top thing that tourists need to prepare before Visiting Myanmar, tourists can not only explore the fantastic Land of Golden Pagodas, but also have a chance to blend yourself into the daily life and experience the unique customs of this wonderful and mysterious country. But surely, before getting into the country, …

Transportation in Myanmar

Transportation in Myanmar – Best Tips For Your Trip

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Known for its thousands of golden pagodas, historical relics and pristine sceneries, along with its mysterious image from a country which has been closed from the outside world for a long time, Myanmar (or Burma) is becoming one of the most attractive tourist destinations in the world. Being a new destination for a lot of …

Holidays in Myanmar

Holidays in Myanmar – When To Visit

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Wondering when are the holidays in Myanmar ? Myanmar or Burma officially has 21 public holidays per year, many of which were established based on Buddhist traditions or to honor political freedom in many parts of the country. Burmese get five days of official holiday for the Lunar New Year Thingyan, one day for Waso …

Festivals in Myanmar

Festivals in Myanmar – Things To Do

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Myanmar, or Burma, is well-known for its thousands of pagodas as well as its people’s festive spirit with hundreds of festivals all year round. They are not only a chance to witness the colorful activities but also a great opportunity to experience Myanmar real and authentic culture and customs as well as its people and …

Overview About Myanmar

Overview About Myanmar – General Information

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The Union of Myanmar, or Burma, is a country which has been open recently to the world after a long time of sanctions and isolation. But also because of this isolation that makes Myanmar become one of the most attractive tourist destination in South East Asia at the moment. Myanmar is a diamond-shaped country with …