best places to visit in Laos

Best Places To Visit In Laos – Guide Before Your Trip

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Laos is the most peaceful countries in Southeast Asia which can bring you different experiences rather than Vietnam and Thailand. Laos is known for its friendly and kind people with most of the population are Buddhist and beautiful nature landscape which still remains its wildness. Here are some recommendations of the best places to visit …

famous food in laos

Famous Food in Laos, What to Eat When You Visit

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What are the famous food in Laos? Laos is known as a country with rich culture, where the focus and convergence of cultural beauty, but hidden in it is unique cultural characteristics and bold traditional cultural identity. The culinary culture has contributed to the development of a Lao culture with unique characteristics that are similar …

reasons to visit Laos

Reasons to Visit Laos, Travel Tips Before You Go

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What are the reasons to visit Laos? Have you ever wondered why traveling to Laos is so attractive to visitors? Owning special culture, unique architecture temples and good food; Laos is a destination that many young people choose during their journey of discovery. If most Southeast Asian countries are transforming themselves and rising international integration, …

Tham Poukham Cave

Tham Poukham Cave – A Natural Attractions for Tourists

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On the trip to “ The Land of A million Elephants”, tourists should take the time to visit the Tham Poukham Cave, where there are fresh natural streams with natural attractions for tourists. Blue Lagoon is a combination of many deep lagoons so visitors to this place can make acrobatics jump from the tree branches …

Tham Chang Cave

Tham Chang Cave – The Beautiful Cave In Vang Vieng

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Vang Vieng is not only famous for various river games but also cconcluding many beautiful caves. Tham Chang cave is one of the most beautiful and elegant caves in Vang Vieng, Laos. How to get to Tham Chang Cave: You can go along the river road which is in the south of Meuang Xong village. …

Wat Kang in Vang Vieng

Wat Kang – The Most Doctrinal Attraction in Vang Vieng

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Vang Vieng has a number of Buddhist temples dating from the 16th and 17th centuries. Among them are Wat Si Vieng Song (Wat That), Wat Kang and so on. Wat Kang is known as one of the most doctrinal tourist attractions in Vang Vieng, Laos. (Source: the internet ) Wat Kang is a temple last …

Nam Song River

Nam Song River – Vang Vieng Attractions

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Nam Song river flowing through Vang Vieng town. This is a popular destination for tourists because many tourists love to watch Laos countryside while walking down the river with rubber (made by tilling of tractors) or by kayak. This river is surrounded by limestone mountains that make up a very beautiful landscape. Coming to the river, …

Kaeng Nyui Waterfall

Kaeng Nyui Waterfall in Vang Vieng, Laos

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Kaeng Nyui Waterfall is located in Vang Vieng. To get to Kaeng Nyui Waterfall, you can walk along the Houay Nyui and Nam Lao streams. Coming to Kaeng Nyui Waterfall, you will not only visit a really fantastic waterfall, but also you can visit a village of Ban Naduang as well as swim in any …

Things to do in Vang Vieng

Things to do in Vang Vieng, Laos PDR

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Wondering what things to do in Vang Vieng? Located about 150 km from the Lao capital of Vientiane, the small town of Vang Vieng is situated on the vast green mountains. Vang Vieng has been known as the peaceful countryside with fresh, cool climate and also the famous tourist destination of beautiful Laos. If you …

Vang Vieng – A peaceful town

Vang Vieng – A Peaceful Town of Vientiane Province

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Vang Vieng is located about 150 km from Vientiane and about 230 km from the ancient capital of Luang Prabang, Vang Vieng is a small town in Vientiane province, an exciting stop on Highway 13 linking Vientiane with Luang Prabang. Being planned and put into operation since 1980, this “countryside” town has quickly become an …