best places to visit in Laos

Best Places To Visit In Laos – Guide Before Your Trip

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Laos is the most peaceful countries in Southeast Asia which can bring you different experiences rather than Vietnam and Thailand. Laos is known for its friendly and kind people with most of the population are Buddhist and beautiful nature landscape which still remains its wildness. Here are some recommendations of the best places to visit …

famous food in laos

Famous Food in Laos, What to Eat When You Visit

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What are the famous food in Laos? Laos is known as a country with rich culture, where the focus and convergence of cultural beauty, but hidden in it is unique cultural characteristics and bold traditional cultural identity. The culinary culture has contributed to the development of a Lao culture with unique characteristics that are similar …

reasons to visit Laos

Reasons to Visit Laos, Travel Tips Before You Go

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What are the reasons to visit Laos? Have you ever wondered why traveling to Laos is so attractive to visitors? Owning special culture, unique architecture temples and good food; Laos is a destination that many young people choose during their journey of discovery. If most Southeast Asian countries are transforming themselves and rising international integration, …

Li Phi Falls

Li Phi falls – The Most Powerfull Waterfall in Don Khon

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Scenic mountains and forests, mysterious natural caves, spectacular waterfalls are natural ecotourism you cannot ignore when visiting Laos. Tad Somphamit is also known as Li Phi falls. The 1.5 km long flowing waterfall makes you look stunned when you have a chance to see. To admire the beauty of the falls, you should come in …

Si Phan Don

Si Phan Don (4000 Islands) in Champasak, Laos

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Located in the southern of Laos is the vast Si Phan Don, dubbed as “The Land of 4.000 islands” which is beautiful as a watercolor painting. Visiting Si Phan Don will bring exciting experiences to visitors as there are rare Irrawaddy dolphins. Not only the natural, wild and majestic scenery, Si Phan Don also appeal …

Wat Luang

Wat Luang – The Biggest Temple in Pakse

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Among the 20 wats in Pakse – Wat Luang is one of the biggest wat. Wat Luang is situated on the SeDon river’s banks which is near the bridge over the river and the airport. Wat Luang temple was built in 1935, with imaginary and unique decoration. (Source: the internet) In Wat Luang, there is …

Champasak Historical Heritage Museum

Champasak Historical Heritage Museum in Pakse

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The Champasak Historical Heritage Museum in Pakse provides insight into the history of Laos as well as its cultural and artistic heritage. At Wat Mahathat temple, tourists can see the treasures dating back to the Stone Age. (Source: the internet) This museum has few artifacts, and various old documents, three Dong Son bronze drums. The …

Golden Buddha

Golden Buddha (Phu Salao) – Famous Temple in Pakse

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Come to Laos, you come to the country with many historical sites and pagodas. 90% of the population are Buddhists, Laos owns the largest number of Buddhist temples and statues in the world. Among the Buddha statues, the most famous is the Golden Buddha statue (Phu Salao). (Source: the internet) Tuk tuk, the popular transporation …

Bolaven Plateau

Bolaven Plateau – Tea & Coffee Plantation

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In all regions of “The Land of A million Elephants”, the Bolaven Plateau in Southern Laos is always the most impressive destination for many toursisms. Not only because of the friendly Lao people, but also the natural beauty of the wild – a beautiful spot for the experience and explore. (Source: the internet) Delicacy Having …

Wat Phou

Wat Phou – Unesco World Heritage Site in Champasak

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Wat Phu (or Wat Phou), also known as the Pagoda Mountain is a Khmer temple complex – a World Natural Heritage site located in southern Laos. Coming to the beautiful country – Laos, we are not only able to enjoy dances, watch the brilliant flowers but also to visit the famous world heritage site – …