famous food in cambodia

Famous Food in Cambodia, What to Eat When You Visit

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Wondering what are the famous food in Cambodia? Just like Cambodians who are simple and friendly, Cambodian cuisine is not overly prescriptive. It has become one of the most noticeable highlights, making diners feel the intimacy and sincerity in each experience of taste in this land. On your travel itinerary, do not forget to enjoy …

reasons to visit cambodia

Reasons To Visit Cambodia, Tips Before You Travel

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Why visit Cambodia? We are glad to share with you 10 Reasons to visit Cambodia in this article. Cambodia is now one of the Southeast Asian nations that thrives on tourism. In recent years, Cambodia has been known as a “beautiful, unique and cheap” tourist destination in Southeast Asia. Currently, more and more foreign tourists …


Tourist Attractions in Battambang, Cambodia

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Battambang is Cambodia’s second largest city, situated next to a gentle, romantic river. This city is not the hub of the bustling capital, there are no beautiful beaches, there are no magnificent temples but still attract tourists by its own beauty, which contains many interesting things, from the classic look of French architecture to everyday …