Kampong Thom

Tourist Attractions in Kampong Thom, Cambodia

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Kampong Thom is the second largest province by area in Cambodia. Kampong Thom consists two parts, which are Eastern part and Western part of National Road 6. Kampong Thom experiences a tropical climate, which can divide into three main seasons: From November to March is the cool season (the average temperature is about 20-28 degree …

Kampong Cham

Tourist Attractions in Kampong Cham, Cambodia

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Kampong Cham Province is an eastern province of Cambodia. This province borders Kampong Chhnang in the west, Kampong Thom and Kratié in the north, Tbong Khmum in the east, Kandal and Prey Veng in the south. The ancient architecture, quiet, romantic Mekong River, the city with empty cars … have made the charm for Kampong …

Best places to visit in cambodia

Best Places to Visit in Cambodia

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Cambodian tourism has a lot of impressive beauty, from ancient temple temples to the beautiful natural scenery of pristine beaches, which takes a lot of time to discover. The article below will introduce you about 10 destinations of Best places to visit in Cambodia you certainly must consider when traveling Cambodia. 1. Preah Vihear Preah …


Cambodia – The Country Of Temples & Pagodas

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Cambodia has regarded as the country of temples and towers, containing many mysteries that captivate many visitors. The humble, friendly and hospitable Cambodian people make everyone admires Cambodian tourism. Cambodia is now one of the Southeast Asian countries thriving in tourism, various foreign and Vietnamese tourists visit Cambodia to enjoy food and learn their culture. …

Bokor Mountain

Bokor Mountain In Kampot, Cambodia

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After many years, Bokor Mountain still remains as one of the most attractive destination around Kampot. The mountain is famous for its beautiful landscape and the Bokor Hill Station which was formerly a French colonial resort and also a place of royal summer vacation. How to get to Bokor Mountain Getting to the mountain from …

Weather in Cambodia

Weather in Cambodia, Best Time To Travel

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How is the weather in Cambodia? Nowadays, Cambodia has become one of the most favorite tourist destinations in Asia because of its rich culture that dates back to 2000 years ago. Before deciding whether to visit this beautiful country or not, it would be necessary to find out information about Cambodia’s weather. The more beautiful …

Visa to Cambodia

Visa to Cambodia – Tips Before You Travel

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Cambodia has a lot of tourists visiting this country each year. The number of tourists has increased in recent years. To make your trip easier, we would give you some basic information so that you may not find it confused about visa to Cambodia. Koh Ker, Cambodia – source: internet Every visitor must bring their …

Transportation in Cambodia

Transportation in Cambodia – Best Way To Travel

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Wondering how is the transportation in Cambodia? Although Cambodia has gone through some wars and we can see visible trace of wars, the country still has its unique charming beauty that attracts many expats. However, getting around Cambodia is not always easy. So it will be better to understand the system of transportation in Cambodia. …

Trains in Cambodia

Trains in Cambodia – Transportation Guide

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How is the trains in Cambodia? After 15 years, trains are allowed to run in Cambodia again. Trains always have its own special points that many travelers like taking a train. Because it has just been opened again, there are still some limitations in destinations. Currently, Cambodia railways only serve journeys to four destinations including …

Festivals in Cambodia

Festivals in Cambodia – When To Travel

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Apart from exciting activities on holidays, Cambodia also has various colorful festivals all around a year. The majority of festivals in Cambodia follow Khmer calendar. During the festivals, many people go back to their hometown to celebrate with their relatives. Here is a list of some main festivals in Cambodia. Meak Bochea You would have chance …