There are 3 major network providers in Vietnam such as Viettel, Vinaphone and Mobiphone. Viettel is the largest mobile network operator while Vinaphone is the second largest provider and Mobiphone is the third largest provider in Vietnam. If you travel in rural area, Viettel network provider is more preferable.

You will find it easy to get a SIM card at telecommunication stores, booths or even street vendors. However, it is better to find a SIM card at official stores. The official shops will activate the SIM card for you. Prepare passport to register and make sure your phone is unlocked before getting a SIM card. The price for a SIM card is between 90,000 VND (approx. 4USD) – 200,000 VND (8.8 USD) depending on the number.

3G and 4G connections are available in Vietnam. However, 4G connection is new and although it is faster, the availability is said to be unstable (according to a global mobile network report). This article will mention about the 3G connection. For those who stay in Vietnam in a long time and want to use 4G connection, it is better to buy a 4G SIM card at first time.

Each provider has its own package but it is better to take the pre-paid package. Check the balance by typing *101#, validity by typing *102# and top up by typing *100*<PIN code>#. Top up price is from 10.000 VND to 500.000 VND.

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Below are how to access the internet by Viettel, Vinaphone and Mobiphone:


Viettel has many pre-paid packages for you to choose but Tomato and Economy are the two common packages without data (Tomato has cheap texting price while Economy has cheap internal call price).

Activate 3G data by texting “3G ON” to 161. If you want to access the internet all the time, it is better to buy package as following:

Data Price Activation code Overuse
50 MB 10,000 VND MI10 25VND/50Kb
200 MB 30,000 VND MI30
450 MB 50,000 VND MI50
600 MB 70,000 VND/month MiMax 0 VND
1.5 GB 120,000 VND/month Dmax
3 GB 200,000 VND/month Dmax 200

Register the data by texting “Activation code” to 191. For example, if you want to register 1.5 GB data, simply texting “Dmax” to 191. Cancel the data by texting “Huy” to 191. Check the current data by texting “KTTK” to 191.

In addition, Viettel has launched Tourist Viettel SIM card in order to help the foreign tourists with experience attractive promotions like the locals. Tourists can bring the passport to register at Viettel official stores nationwide. With this SIM card, it is not necessary to register 3G data.


First, activate the data by texting “GPRS ON” to 888. Then choose the data plans that suit you the most.

3G data price:

Data Price Activation code How to register Overuse
Limited 50 MB 10,000 VND M10 Text “DV M10” to 1544 25VND/50Kb
150 MB 25,000 VND M25 Text “DV M25” to 1544
500 MB 50,000 VND M50 Text “DV M50” to 1544
1.5 GB 120,000 VND M120 Text “DV M120” to 1544
Full package 1.2 GB 70,000 VND/month MAX Text “DV MAX” to 1544 0 VND
2.4 GB 100,000 VND/month MAX100 Text “DV M100” to 1544
6 GB 200,000 VND/month MAX200 Text “DV M200” to 1544

Cancel the data by texting “HUY + Activation code” to 888.

Vinaphone has also launched TOURIST SIM card with 199,000 VND. Tourists will receive the whole preferential set of 50-minute international call, 100 SMS and high speed 3G data (15 GB) within 15 days. As for this SIM card, text VOL TR2 to 900 to check account balance.


Activate the data by texting “DATA ON” to 999. Register the data by texting “DK + Activation code” to 999. Cancel the data by texting “HUY + Activation code” to 999.  There are some data plans for you to choose:

Data Price Activation code Overuse
Limited 50 MB/day 10,000 VND M10 25VND/50Kb
1.5 GB/day D10
150 MB/month 20,000 VND M25
450 MB/month 50,000 VND M50
Unlimited 150MB/day 8,000 VND D1 0 VND
600MB/month 70,000 VND MIU
3GB/month 200,000 VND BMIU