Buon Ma Thuot Airport plays an important role in the transport network in Dak Lak Province and the Central Highlands region.
Ground floor is the place where activities of providing air and non-air services at Buon Ma Thuot Airport with the total area of 6,000 m2. The ground floor is divided into 03 zones.
The mezzanine is where the passengers boarding the plane has completed the waiting procedures at this area to board the door. In this area there are 04 airplane doors two doors on the two sides of the station , two doors on the ground floor in the middle of the mezzanine. There is a refreshment counter, souvenir stalls, grocery stores and public toilets for guests to use.
At present, Buon Ma Thuot airport is being operated by three airlines in Vietnam: Vietnam Airlines, Vietjet Air and Jetstar, which have registered for domestic flights, Vietnam Airlines and Jetstar have 4 flights. In the near future, many Asian airlines are also exploring and investing to open flights to Buon Ma Thuot.

Buon Ma Thuot airport

Flights from Ho Chi Minh City (SGN) to Buon Me Thuot (BMV): The route is currently operated by three domestic airlines.
Flight from Hanoi (HAN) to Buon Me Thuot (BMV): currently operated by Vietnam Airlines and Vietjet Air.
Flight from Vinh (VII) to Buon Me Thuot (BMV): Only VietJet Air operates.
Flight from Haiphong (HPH) to Buon Me Thuot (BMV): operated by Jetstar.
Flights from Thanh Hoa (THD) to Buon Me Thuot (BMV): operated by Jetstar.
Flight from Da Nang (DAD) to Buon Me Thuot (BMV): operated by Vietnam Airlines.

Buon Ma Thuot airport is situated in 8 km from the city centre Buon Ma Thuot. From the airport, tourist can move to the city centre by taxi, bus, motorbike taxi or private car service of travel agency.

There are many taxi companies in the airport; however, you should choose one of trusted brands like Mai Linh, Ban Me, Quyet Tien, Tay Nguyen, or Dak Lak Taxi. The cost is around 130,000 VND one way ($6)

Mai Linh: 05003.819.819

Ban Me: 05003.979.979

Quyet Tien: 05003.813.813

Tay Nguyen: 05003.838.838

Dak Lak: 05003.818.818

Private car
You also can use the transportation service of travel agency to getting the city centre from Ban Me Thuot Airport. The cost for one way transfer is about 200,000 VND ($10).

Motorbike taxi
With the distance of 8 kilometers, you also can take a motorbike taxi (xe om) to transport to the city centre. It is not difficult to find a motorbike taxi near the airport, and you only have to pay about 50,000 VND ($2 – $3) for one way. However, this way is not high recommended because it is not high safety.

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