Wondering what biking places around Ho Chi Minh city? Ho Chi Minh City is always known as the most energetic and noisy city in Vietnam. However; its surrounding places are somehow not like that at all. There are rural places hidden around and even within the city, where you can experience a total different atmosphere from the busy life in the city centers. Take a biking to one of following places to enjoy your peaceful life. Here are the suggestion of biking places around Ho Chi Minh city:

1. Cu Chi Tunnel

biking places around Ho Chi Minh city

The tunnels of Cu Chi are an immense network of connecting underground tunnels located in the Cu Chi District of Ho Chi Minh City. Cu Chi Tunnel is one of the must-visit historical sites of Vietnam, it was the location and base of operations of military campaigns during the Vietnamese war.
A basic biking itinerary to Cu Chi Tunnel takes 40 km cycling. The tour starts with Tan Phu Trung Village where tourists can experience the process of rice paper and wine making by the locals. You also have a chance to watch a movie of the war in 1967 while walking around the Cu Chi Tunnel area. The highlight is that the activities of going down to the original tunnel and practicing the real guns and bullets. After those exciting activities, an original lunch like what Vietnamese people had during the war will be served for the tourists.

2. Ho Chi Minh City

biking places around Ho Chi Minh city

A basic biking tour around Ho Chi Minh City can take all day with 30km cycling due to a great number of destinations to visit within the city.
The first stop of the biking tour usually is the famous Chinatown. Chinatown in Ho Chi Minh City is destination of great historical and cultural value with roots dating back to 1778. Tourists mainly stop at Cho Lon and Binh Tay markets in Chinatown to experience locals’ trading.
Another popular place for biking tour around Ho Chi Minh City is Thien Hau temple. This Buddhist temple was built in the early 19th century for dedicating to the, Mazu, Goddess of Sea. It is known as the oldest, largest and most beautiful temple in Ho Chi Minh City with around 30 pagodas included and the unique Chinese style of architecture.
The others great destinations which can be included in the biking tour are War Remnants Museum, Reunification Palace, Notre Dame Cathedral, General Post Office, Opera House, etc.

3. Half day Saigon countryside

biking places around Ho Chi Minh city

Getting away from the noisy atmosphere in the city center and biking to the peaceful places around the city can be a very good idea. The tour can take you a half day with 30km cycling. It will take you through local villages and markets where you can experience the authentic rural life of Vietnamese people. Some of the countryside near Ho Chi Minh City can be listed are Go Cong, Can Gio, Bach Dang Wharf, etc.

4. Can Gio Ecological Mangrove forest

biking places around Ho Chi Minh city

Mangrove forest is one of the most special features of the northwest Vietnam. To get a biking to Can Gio, we have to transfer through Saigon River from Ho Chi Minh City first. Best places for biking in Can Gio are National Forest Park (Monkey Island), Can Gio Museum, Mangrove Forest Ecosystem, Rung Sac Guerilla Base, Vam Sat Eco–Tourist zone, Tang Bong Tower and the Can Gio beach. Tourists will have chance to visit the extensive restored mangrove forest, see the saltwater crocodiles, deer, wild cats, otters, pythons, especially more than 1,000 wild monkeys.

5. Cao Dai Temple

biking places around Ho Chi Minh city

Cao Daism is an attempt to create a super-religion from existing philosophies of both East and West: from Buddhism, Confucianism, Christianity, Hinduism and Taoism. Biking to Cao Dai Temple, tourists will have an opportunity to witness one of the four non-compulsory services during a day.

6. Binh Chau Hot Springs

biking places around Ho Chi Minh city

Binh Chau Hot Springs is a famous destination in Vung Tau, especially its resort and spa. Their main service is the great outdoor pool full with the hot springs of the area. The water is mostly at the temperature of 37oC with high content of minerals which are very good for bone and skin, blood circulation, muscles and nerves issues. Visitors biking to Binh Chau Hot Springs can have a chance to take a mud bath and stay overnight at resort of Binh Chau.

7. Long Tan – Nui Dat Battle Field

biking places around Ho Chi Minh city

For the Long Tan – Nui Dat Battle Field biking tour, you will visit the Nui Dat Task Force Base before getting to the Long Tan Cross. Nui Dat now is just the ruins of the former force base with only some columns of the main gate and a wild street which was the former runway. And Long Tan Cross is a memorial which was erected to mark the site of the Long Tan Battle during the Vietnamese War. The cross was removed in 1975 due to the Communist victory but then was recovered by the Đồng Nai Province Museum in 1984 and placed on display. Therefore; the Long Tan – Nui Dat tour doesn’t only offer the biking experience but also an authentic chance to learn about Vietnamese war and history.

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