Referring to the remnant Cham architecture throughout Vietnam, Banh It tower Binh Dinh province is one of the oldest tower that preserves the very sophisticated and charming architectures from the Cham dynasty in Vietnam. Located in Dai Le Village, Phuoc Hiep Commune, Tuy Phuoc District, Binh Dinh Province, Banh It tower is the ideal destination for tourists who have desire to discover about the true beauty of Vietnam history and culture as well.


Visiting Banh It tower, tourists have opportunities to open their mind with the complex architecture of the tower. The whole tower has four small towers, located on a gentle hill about 100 meters from the ocean. From a distance, tower clusters look like a It cake, a specialty in Binh Dinh, so local people name this tower is Bánh Ít.

As the oldest ancient Cham tower, Banh It wears almost traditional architecture of Cham.
The main tower, the largest and located in the center of the hill, surrounded by three small towers, has about 20 meters in height, and impresses tourists with the entrance port decorated quite elaborately and beautifully. Otherwise, in the main tower, previous Vietnamese people from Cham dynasty chose to carve their dancing positions very lively, and attractively. Additionally, cool space of plants and ancient beauty in the Banh It tower will certainly make visitors feel the peace of mind.

Let’s experience the very sophisticated and rich Cham architecture at Banh It tower!