About Asia Open Tours (AOT)
Our company specializes in providing booking services for tourists which include tour booking, transfer services (cruises, flights, trains, cars), accommodations, tour packages and other online travel services. We provide you with ranges of choices about all the services you care while on a trip to make sure your requirements, concerns and budgets all met. Whether you travel in group, with family or alone, we can offer you selections to plan a wonderful holiday. Having operated in this tourism field for years, we take pride in our business network with many travelling agency and that close business relationship will go to our clients through our reasonable prices. We take it as our responsibility to bring the beauty of South East Asia countries to the world and complete your experiences wherever you travel to.

Our Mission
AOT mission is to help tourists with organizing trips and booking the common travelling services including transferring, accommodations, tour packages to the South East Asia countries.
We offer diverse choices for you to select and commit that our services are:
– At competitive prices
– Available 24/7
– Fast, flexible and convenient
Our website plays a role as a source of travelling information. If you need help in planning your trip, don’t hesitate to contact us even when you don’t have intention to use our services. We are glad to help.
We are also like a filter which only suggests the good travelling agencies which have received good reviews from the customers. We have a standard so that our customers always get the best things worth their money and expectations. That also helps to improve the general quality of local travelling services.
Our clients’ satisfaction is our first priority to be.

Our Team
We are always proud of our amazing teams. Each of them has to pass our complex recruitment procedure to be able to work for the company. We train our staffs to be professional in everything they do, to be be well-mannered and polite, especially in communicating with clients and speaking English fluently. We want to make sure all the customers respected, satisfied and feel free to express their requirements and concerns. The precious experiences we have learnt help a lot with our customer care.
Our staffs are all young, flexible and have a great passion with travelling and local travel. They are enthusiastic to help tourists, share their passion and boost the image of local travel.
With our mission, vision, AOT would like to dedicate a small effort to build up your amazing travelling experience. We desire to bring out the best things about South East Asia to the world to let the rest of the world know that our countries are not only beautiful with magical natural sceneries but also have great travelling services. Don’t hesitate anymore and just contact us. We are available all the time and happy to help you with your journey.